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Malang City Tour Package & Itineraries

If you search a city with the best weather and atmosphere, Malang is the right option to take. It is a small city with countless natural spots. People will never get trapped in a hectic traffic jam in Malang. Besides, Malang is also a superb place for the outdoor activities. The parks and gardens around Malang will leave a deep memory for every heart.

Malang City Tour Package

Malang City Tour Package

Malang is famous for its humble beauty and delicious cuisines. However, there are also many exotic beaches to visit. Malang City Tour Package can be the most tempting in East Java. Bromo Ijen Crater tour package can be started from Malang. Surabaya Bromo Ijen Bali is the flawless tour.

What should people prepare before leaving for Malang? Malang is a friendly city for solo travelers and families. Therefore, people do not have to worry about its safety. There is almost no dangerous place with high crimes around Malang. Even female travelers will find Malang a secured place. People in Malang are friendly and helpful. The rates for transportation and foods are affordable as well. Visiting Malang will give people a great refreshment since they can feel the breeze of beaches and the highest volcano in East Java as well. Malang is a highland with a fresh air. Yet, people can reach some beautiful beaches within several hours only from the city center.

Malang City Tour Package will get started with a culinary tour in a legendary Oen Restaurant, Amsterdam Restaurant, or other prestigious places. Tourists will love to go around the city and enjoy the old architecture on several of the buildings. It is possible that tourists enjoy their day by visiting the famous amusement parks in Batu, less than an hour from Malang city center.

Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package

Malang City Tour Package will be a nice opening for the adventurous tour to Bromo and Ijen Crater. The gorgeous view of Malang can be a charming opening for the more dramatic scenery of Bromo. Bromo is a volcano with a serene ambiance and myth. People will love to take a good rest at Malang before going to the challenging trekking tour in Bromo and Ijen. It takes less than three hours from Malang to Bromo. This tour requires a good physical preparation. People have to be fit to follow the trip itinerary. Besides, people need to make sure that they wear proper clothes. The tourists have to anticipate the extreme weather in Bromo. It is recommended to do the hiking in dry seasons to avoid slippery stairs. Choosing the right date will be a good decision since there will be many cultural shows and events in Bromo.

Tourists have to get ready with the tight schedule as well. Travelers need to take a good rest since they need to wake up early in the morning or even at midnight. It is necessary that tourists climb up the viewpoint of Bromo Sunrise before it is too crowded. The view is amazing, and people will usually find that the sunrise is the most stunning one in their life. It is better if there is no crowd in the viewpoint. So, tourists need to consult the tour date with the travel agency. The rates of high seasons in Bromo and Ijen tour will not that high during the peak seasons. However, it is better that tourists can enjoy the gorgeous view peacefully without too many crowds.

Surabaya Bromo Ijen Bali

An extended tour is always cheaper than a single tour. People do not have to buy multiple tickets or flights to visit various places. However, the plans should be perfect since many destinations require careful and detail transportation plans as well. That is why people need to do a complete consultation and reservation before leaving. Besides, people might have no enough holiday time for a family quality time. Thus, to visit a long list of destinations will be a great idea. Malang City Tour Package can be the right option to choose from.

Malang City Tour Package

Malang City Tour Package

Tourists can start the holiday from Surabaya then continue to Bromo, Ijen, and Bali. All of those destinations are listed as most recommended places in Java tour. Even, visit Indonesia campaign lists those places as well. So, tourists can really get the unforgettable experience from the lists. Malang City Tour Package includes what all families want to experience on a city tour. Meanwhile, Bromo adventure will serve families the most enchanting view of natural wonders. The beauty of savanna and hills around Bromo will make the journey worth it.

Meanwhile, the international world has given high appreciation to the beauty of Blue Fire in Ijen. In addition, people can also get pleasure while standing by the smoky sulfur lake. The beauty of Java’s natural wonders is unmatched. However, people can find the similar feeling of visiting Kyrgyzstan or Wakan Pamir when spending a joyful moment in Bromo and Ijen.

Closing the Tour in Bali

Memories in Bali will always bring special mood inside the hearts of travelers. People will love how the culture of Bali meets the beauty of its exotic beaches. Additionally, Bali is admirable because of the excellent crafts products. Tourists will find various shops selling cheap souvenirs as well. Those who are searching for high-quality furniture made of woods or wickers can get all the best products in Bali. The island of Bali has been a popular destination for decades. The flights are affordable, the hotel and resorts are stunning, and the destinations are countless in Bali.

The Malang City Tour Package is not only a complex tour but also a perfect one for a family. Kids and parents will love the city tour before leaving for the breathtaking tour in Bromo and Ijen Crater. The tour package includes a comfortable transportation to Banyuwangi and Bali. Clients can now book a package online for the whole itineraries listed Malang, Bromo, Ijen, and of course Bali. Call Java Travelline for the best packages that are tailored for you and your families.

Bromo to Ijen Adventure

Travelling is one thing that can heal people. Of so many kinds of refreshments, traveling from Bromo to Ijen is one that will make people forget about the stressful problems in life. Traveling will help people to forget about their boring life for a while. The most troublesome situations in office and work life are the monotonous life. In a tour, people will meet different people from the different cultures. Besides, traveling will bring people to a new world with different characters. Additionally, vacation will give traveler beautiful moments in a wonderful place. That will be enough to give tourist refreshments. Bromo tour travel is one of the best options for such amazing journey. Bromo Ijen tour price is not that high for the superb enjoyments offered. Tourists will never forget how Ijen Crater blue fire shows them the amazing natural phenomenon.

Bromo to Ijen java tour is popular among international tourists. Bromo is a volcano that has more than a landscape. It has Tenggerese that are charming with their belief. Besides their habit of wearing a sarong at any times, they are beautiful for the dances and rites. Tenggere wear only sarong though the temperature might be freezing. This is another unique feature of Mt. Bromo. Additionally, Kasada ceremony is one of the important attractions around Bromo. Mt. Bromo itself owns many myths that keep inviting people all over the world. In addition, the culture of Tengger and Tenggerese make Bromo tour always admirable.

Trip to Bromo Ijen



Before going to Ijen blue fire tour, tourists will spend their time in Bromo. There are many reasons why people should that the tour:

The Natural Profile of Mount Bromo

Indonesia has a tropical climate that is comfortable during all months. There will be no too extreme temperature in Indonesia. During the rainy season, rain can occur daily. However, it is not that hard to travel during the rainy season. The rain will usually stop after an hour or less than that. Thus, travelers can still do the tours based on the itinerary. Besides, it is easy to avoid the rainy season. In the dry season, the temperature is low at nights and hot during the days.

However, the low temperature is not so extreme. It is recommended for tourist to go during the dry seasons. In August, the weather is nice and clear in the days and nights. The popular itinerary in Bromo adventure is the sunrise tour. Therefore, it is important that travelers can experience a clear weather so they can see the sunrise. When the sky is cloudy, the sunrise will not be so perfect and even does not visible. Thus, August is the right time to visit to go for Bromo to Ijen tour.

The Landscape

Mount Bromo description shows that the most inviting factor of Bromo is its stunning landscape. The smoking volcano looks so perfect with the green forest in the surrounding. Therefore, Bromoijen package tour always includes the sightseeing tours to Bromo caldera and savanna. Tourists can gather with many other people in the view point to wait for the sunrise. But that will not be enough. They need to see the sea of sand around Bromo. The savanna will be a great photography tour as well.

Bromo Ijen Tour Price



It might be the cheapest volcano tours in the world. International travelers have several options if it is for a volcano tour. They can pick a tour to Azerbaijan to enjoy the Fire around a Mountain. Tour to Baku, Azerbaijan will not be that cheap. Besides, tourists can take a tour to Hawaii to get pleasure in a famous volcanic area. The tour will include beaches and volcano trips but that costs will not be cheap at all. In Indonesia, the volcano tours to Bromo starts from 100 USD only from Surabaya arrival. For those who want to start from Malang and take only the sunrise tours.

The Bromo to Ijen tour is offered in low rates. It is the tour that tourists will treasure for the beauty and the budget. The midnight tour is cheap and hotel booking required. Travelers can directly go to the view point once they arrive at the destination. How about the transportation? The cost includes the transportations and entrance tickets. With that extremely low price, travelers can visit one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia; The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Consult the customer service right now and get your bag ready.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Itinerary

There are tourists who lose their words when visiting Bromo, East Java. Bromo is always admirable. In a simple word, Bromo is exotic. However, each person has a different impression and meaning for that exotic word. Some of the tourists love the exceptional landscape on all sides of this volcano. Some others mention about the breeze and atmosphere in this very place. Meanwhile, many tourists also like to come just to meet the people and feel the sacred ambiance of Tengger Kasada. It is also wonderful to come enjoying this volcano with so many friends just for some refreshment. Therefore, a professional Mount Bromo Ijen Tour agent will offer the best services so tourists can really obtain what they are looking for in Bromo and Mt Ijen Tour.

Tour Bromo Ijen Banyuwangi

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour

In Malang, countless tourist destinations are offered. There are some that have recognition for its beauty and cleanness. However, some others are neglected tourist destinations that are not recommended for local tourists and international travelers. In South of Malang, there are now many new beaches that will be great places to visit. Besides, some wonderful villages will also give tourists new experience in spending their holiday in Java. After all of those destinations, travelers can go to Bromo within less than 3 hours. Of all tourist destinations around Malang, Mt. Bromo tour is one of the best. Mount Bromo Ijen Tour will be more than unforgettable.

Bromo tour travel offers many packages for enjoying Malang and especially Bromo. For tourists who do not have that much time to spend in Bromo, Bromo sunrise tour Malang is a good choice. It is a package that allows tourists to stay up all night to wait for the golden sunrise. The tour is offered at afforadble rate. The midnight tour starts from Surabaya is slightly higher.

Bromo was named after Brahma, one of the highest Gods in Hindu. This volcano is in active status. Therefore, there are times that this tourist destination is closed for public due to its improving dangerous level. However, the prettiness of this volcano is always irresistible. Travelers from all over the world and local tourists gather every single night to take a precious pleasure in watching the sunrise. Bromo also has a strong myth and legend behind its majestic appearance.

Ijen Blue Flame Tour

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour

It is the recommended tour for foreign travelers. After enjoying the exotic view in Bromo, tourists can leave for another magnificent volcano in Bondowoso, East Java. Ijen volcanoes have various special features to enjoy. The acidic lake with turquoise water is one of them. Besides, the sunrise in Ijen is also spectacular. After that, tourists can visit other tourist attractions around Bondowoso and Banyuwangi. One of the most stunning places is Kalibaru. It is a village with a vast area of plantation. The atmosphere is majestic and tourists can enjoy cocoa and coffee plantations which hold the traces Dutch colonialism. See, Mount Bromo Ijen Tour is such a perfect tropical, outdoor, and natural tour in Java.

Bromo java exotic is not enough when travelers visit Java Island for the natural prettiness. There are still many other destinations such a the Sukamade beach. It is not only a virgin beach but also the home of natural sea turtles. The simplest package of Bromo Ijen tour is 138 USD for 2 Days and 1 Night. Meanwhile, Bromo Ijen tour 3 Days and 2 Nights are offered from 181 USD per person.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour rates can be checked directly from the online site. It is surely recommended to book a tour from a reliable tour and travel agent. One of the best is Java Travelline. It has a professional site that will serve tourists with the best package. The customer services will help travelers to discuss the itinerary in fluent English and France. It serves the most comfortable transportation and experienced drivers that know how to reach the destinations safely and conveniently. Travelers can discuss their desired tour package and schedule in two languages: English and France. To enjoy a flawless tour, travelers need to feel comfortable from the picking up process to the small detail such as meal time. Only a professional tour and travel company knows how to deal with all of the services perfectly. Visit the site right away and get the cheapest rate possible.