How to Get To Ijen Crater from Bali?

How to Get to Ijen Crater from Bali

How to Get to Ijen Crater from Bali

A trip is adventure with luxuries. People who are craving for amazing challenge to give them valuable experience should try an overland route of Ijen Crater from Bali.

When you decide to go to Ijen right after your Bali trip, you are making a brilliant decision. This is so because of the awaiting natural beauty tourists will witness in Ijen.  And the location is close to Bali.

Ijen Crater has been featured in many magazines as one the most enchanting volcanoes in the world. In addition, there are great things and magical features in the destinations. But do you know how to get to Ijen Crater from Bali?

At first, the journey will sound impossible, especially for those who are coming to Bali for the first time. Yet, tourist can always rely on Ijen travel blog for adequate information. People will need to really plan their travel well, so they can handle the duration and transportation well.

It is a bit complicated to find the right routes and prices from Bali to Ijen. There are actually several ways to go from Bali to Ijen. We can go overland that will take at least 8 hours. Or we can take a flight from Bali to Banyuwangi before taking a bus to go to the destination.

How to Get To Ijen Crater from Bali? (Orientation)

Even for those who love luxury, the overland journey will not be too tough. Even though it will be a little tiring, you will see the travel is all about searching a hidden heaven in East Java. If tourists want to take the overland route, it is better to arrange their accommodation in Denpasar. From there, People can start the journey how to get to Ijen Crater from Bali by reaching the bus station of Ubung on foot. Or it will be comfortable to leave for the bus station by taxi from any hotels in Denpasar.

From the bus station, you need to take a bus to reach Gilimanuk Harbor. It takes approximately 3-4 hours from the bus station to Gilimanuk. After that, tourists need to get on a ferry boat which will bring them to Ketapang, Banyuwangi. The travel will not be tiring since people can go out the ferry boat and enjoy the fresh water along the journey. From Ketapang Harbor, tourists need to take a bus to the nearest check point before hiking Ijen Crater. That is not so hard but a little complex. People need to only be courageous and be talkative. Indonesians are very helpful. Besides, there is rarely scam that will make tourists go to the wrong direction. In addition, it is now easy to reach literally any places with Google Maps.

How to Get To Ijen Crater from Bali? (Transportation)

In Indonesia, there is no proper sign in English. You might feel awkward sometimes. However, there will be many people and signs that point to the bus need to take to get to Gilimanuk. Do not expect for a luxury bus since the transportations is for the locals. Therefore, the bus usually has no air conditioning system as well as toilet. So, get prepared with your business while you are in your hotel or bus station. Also, get ready to squeeze your bodies in the small-sized bus. There will be a man who comes to collect money. So, basically, the ticket is paid on board. We do not have to get the ticket at the ticket box in the bus station. There is also no bus stop. Passengers can easily get off at any place.

How much does it cost? The price ranges from 50.000 to 70.000 rupiahs. It can never be fixed priced. But we need to know the standard price so we do not pay over the rate. It is quite cheap to pay 3.5-5 USD for the bus. What we should do is to be patient since the bus will stop randomly to pick people up and to let people get off. Through the way to the Gilimanuk Harbor, the views are pretty. We can see beautiful towns and villages. Also, rice paddies line the roads, and it will also be great to see a glimpse of the ocean. There is no way to be frightened of taking the bus.

How to Get to Ijen Crater from Bali

How to Get to Ijen Crater from Bali

Let’s get to business. How to get to Ijen Crater from Bali? Upon arriving at the bus station, we can directly head to the ferry port. The entrance is located near the police station. Before taking the ferry boat, we have to fill a slip to write identities. Don’t worry; the sheet is available in English. After that, we can buy the ticket. It costs only as much as 0.5 USD. That is a very cheap rate for the amazing journey in wait.

The ferry boats might not be too fancy but it is equipped with toilets and small food stalls. Enjoy your seat and travel since it will only last for 35 minutes. However, sometimes the weather is not that good, so the ferry boats have to delay the schedule or it will take longer to cross to Ketapang Harbor Banyuwangi.

How to Get To Ijen Crater from Bali? The Access from Ketapang to Ijen Crater

We can take Ijen Crater tour package to get the prearranged transport. However, it is also possible to do it independently. There will be taxis from Ketapang to the nearest guesthouse. It is important for you to stay fit and happy. Therefore, you need to take your time. Honestly, we will not get enough sleep if we want to rush to reach the beautiful view point of the Blue Fire. We can use a guide for 250.000 rupiahs to 300.000 rupiahs. That will be equal to 23-27 USD. But if you think you can handle anything well, you can leave for the trekking without any guides. But then, you need to be a responsible tourist. It is better to pay and enjoy the trip without any risks.

Reaching Ijen Crater overland is not hard if we know the correct plan for it. We need to challenge ourselves to cope with any possible problems. For you who wish to make it simpler, to book a package of Ijen travel online is recommended. Reach us by email and we will be pleased to help with the transportation and guide for a better experience of Ijen Crater tour.


Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package

To plan a priceless holiday should be part of a life plan, because life should be balanced. That is why people need to work hard because a holiday costs quite much today. Yet, people will be able to leave for a vacation without breaking their wallet if they can be selective. A series of the outdoor tour can be economical. One of the best deals will be Mount Ijen Tour Package. Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package is affordable. Bromo Ijen tour Price is just perfect. Open trip Ijen Baluran Menjangan 2018 is definitely the best idea.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Both Mount Bromo and Ijen are volcanoes located in East Java. But will the two volcanoes worth the visit? Based on the customer satisfaction and reviews through traveling portals, those two sites are more than amazing. The two outdoor destinations are totally different. Tourists will see the breathtaking landscape and dramatically gorgeous appearance of green scenery in both locations. Tourists can start the tour from Bromo or Ijen. They just can consult the itineraries with the professional to get the best tour. Besides, it is necessary that the tourists ask the best accommodations so the tour will be more satisfying.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package is the brilliant idea for a New Year Holiday. Why is that so? Tourists can enjoy total refreshment while conquering the challenging routes of Bromo and Ijen. Travelers will be able to welcome the New Year by spending the eve by the majestic volcanoes. The sunrise tour will be the most precious New Year eve for every traveler. Besides, the tour includes an extended trip to Batok Mount and Savannah around Bromo and Ijen. It is possible for the tourists to ride a horse in Bromo to give a fun experience on a holiday.

Bromo Ijen Tour Price

When it is for the family happiness, a tour package should never be a problem. However, it is always important to calculate the cost before leaving. A family or even solo travelers have to make sure that they have sufficient budget for having fun in their trip. Therefore, Java trip with Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package will be the best option. Indonesia is a country with affordable accommodation. Besides, the flight rates to Indonesia are low as well. During the high season like New Year holiday, all accommodations and ticket rates will be more expensive. But for the tours in Indonesia, the rates will only be slightly different to the common rates.

The price includes transportation, one of the most important things. Tourists will be picked up at the airport. It means the drivers, cars, and guides are all included in the package. It is possible for the tourists to go with public transportation, but that will not be comfortable. It takes a longer period of time and will not be effective for a double trip such as Bromo and Ijen. Besides, it will be cheaper to take a package tour rather than a single trip.

The journey starts at a comfortable travel by car from the desired pick up location. The professional tour guide will bring the tourists to the altitude of 2,300 meters. It includes a climbing activity to the viewpoint by the active volcano. Tourists will be pleased to walk up to 3 hours in the middle of a cold midnight or early in the morning to witness the calderas and Blue Fire of Ijen. The largest sulfur acid lake in the world will welcome visitors with the charming view. In Bromo and Ijen, people will experience more than a volcano trekking.

Open trip Ijen Baluran Menjangan 2018

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package is tailored for variously targeted tourists. People can take the package just for their group or get a quote for joining other tourists for an open trip.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package

There are various benefits to take an open tour to Bromo and Ijen. The first glaring benefit is the lower rate. And enjoying trekking to the viewpoints of Bromo and Ijen together with many people will be more fun. Moreover, a trip will never be more meaningful without other tour mates’ laughter.

Witnessing the epic sunrise from the fuming caldera of Bromo is an experience of a lifetime. The best thing from the moment is when the tourists share the priceless ambiance together with friends and tour mates. Bromo Tengger Semeru National park is listed as one of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the world. It will be pity to enjoy that precious destination all alone. Besides the visual factor, the national park is a great destination for the natural sound as well. The roaring crater of Bromo brings the touching effect, offers both physical and spiritual happiness for the visitors.

For addition, the journey will be more satisfying with the extended trip to Baluran and Menjangan. For information, Baluran and Menjangan can also be included in the Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package. In Baluran, tourists will get a great pleasure of witnessing the real habitat of countless wildlife. Those who love bird watching can get a perfect trip to Baluran national park. After that, Menjangan Island is the destination that will give tourists a flawless experience of snorkeling. So, tourists will go back to the sea level after trekking up the craters of two Volcanoes in Bromo and Ijen.

The Benefits of Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Though there are some potential health risk that tourists might face in this challenging Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package, tourists will still find priceless experiences in this trip. They will really miss the places even before leaving Java Island.

In that case, Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package that consist two or more national parks will be the best destinations to be included in the wish list for this year-end holiday plan. Get free quote from Java Travelline, the trusted tour and travel agent of Bromo Ijen Tour.

Ijen Crater Tour Fanciness

Challenge is a new luxury. That is why people all over the world seek challenges just to enjoy the taste of luxury of a new level. Besides, it is truly important that people find a different description of luxury through various kinds of enjoyable activities.

Ijen Crater Tour

Ijen Crater Tour

That way, people will get refreshed everytime they leave for a vacation. Most of the time, people only search for luxury in an artificial facility like hotels and clubs. But Ijen tour will show people that the real luxury is served by the mother nature. Ijen Crater tour will never be wrong for a family trip. Ijen Crater tour from Surabaya is good for a corporate trip as well. Bromo Ijen tour price is the best deal.

The first and most glaring luxury of Ijen crater tour is the trekking routes. Most people feel hesitated to take a trekking adventure for a family trip. Kids are commonly not ready for the trekking tour. However, Ijen is different. It is a good place for a beginner trekker. Besides, the mesmerizing view of the Blue Fire will give everyone a memory to treasure. The Blue Fire lasts for 7 hours at nighttimes. Many people find a spiritual and empowering experience as they follow the guide to conquering Ijen Crater. The summit of Ijen volcano will be a precious thing to reach under the atmospheric moment of darkness.

Ijen Crater Tour from Surabaya

Ijen Crater tour can start in various directions. Those who are extending their holiday in Bali can start the tour from Bali. Meanwhile, those who list the destination after Bromo can simply leave by car from Probrolinggo. It takes approximately 4 hours to reach Ijen by car from Bromo. And it will be comfortable to start the journey from Surabaya. Tourists can take a flight to Surabaya Airport and ask the travel agent to pick them up from the arrival point. The tour and travel agent will know the best itinerary to list for each client. The agent is experienced in handling clients from various countries. The guide will let the tourists take a good rest in case they have gone through a long flight.

Amid the majestic smoke of the traditional sulfur mine, tourists will witness the natural wonder of the Blue Fire. The famous Blue Fire is the phenomenon that tourists will never forget. The experience will be much more precious as people meet the miners carrying giant bamboo baskets with sulfur loads. The steep crater seems to be only a playground for the humble miners. When the sunrise time comes, the tourists will find a superb feeling as they gaze upon the beautiful blue lake. Before returning to the hotels, tourists have to snap some pictures with the turquoise lake as the background. In this Ijen Crater tour, the safety equipment is included on the cost.

Bromo Ijen tour price

Ijen Crater Tour

Ijen Crater Tour

The rate for Bromo Ijen tour will worth the priceless experience that the tourists expect. The tour begins at 12 am for the sunrise tour in Bromo. People can start the tour from Bromo or Ijen. But if people start the tour from Surabaya, it is better to start with Bromo sunrise tour. It is easy to arrange a custom schedule, so the tourists can feel comfortable. It is recommended that tourists stay in the central city for a better accommodation. The 4WD drivers will pick the clients and drive 1 hour to the parking area.

It takes 1 to 2 hours trekking to the reach the top. The route of the Ijen Crater tour consists of three parts. It is 3 kilometers long with a soft trekking level. The first part is 800 meters of a slightly uphill area. The second part is 1 kilometer uphill. Meanwhile, the last 1.2 kilometers are flat. That is why the Ijen Crater tour is not a bad idea for a family with kids tour. Tourists have to pray for a clear weather to get pleasure in the spectacular Blue Fire. The summit of Ijen is perfect for a romantic star gazing while seeing the natural phenomenon Blue Fire. The guide will lead the tourists to reach the best spot for the most beautiful photography location. That is the best place to see the traditional miners. The largest acid lake on Java Island will make the view-point more admirable.

Where to Book the Amazing Ijen Crater Tour?

After that amazing trekking, tourists need to get ready to get back down from the Ijen Crater tour. It takes 1 hour to reach the parking lot. Of course, the journey to walk down the volcano will be faster and easier. The tourists will be transferred back to the accommodation to take a rest. On the way back, tourists will feel amazed to see the beautiful coffee plantations. There are also cloves plantations in the same area. The harvest activity in the rice fields will make the adventure more heartwarming. The harvest uses the traditional techniques which are interesting for some reasons.

In order to pick the right schedule for the departure and itineraries, tourists have to consult the best tour and travel agent. It is necessary that tourists use the expert traveling agent that offers a special package of Bromo and Ijen Crater tour. It is easy to book a hotel online and order a tour package from a travel agency. However, it will be better to book a package that includes the hotel and accommodation as well. This is so because sometimes, the hotel reservation is not so easy during the high seasons. The professional agent will not reap the clients with too expensive rates. Java Travelline is one of the professional services to call. Tourists will be able to set a custom tour itinerary and schedule. The customer service will be pleased to help the clients to experience a great outdoor tour in Java. Contact the expert now!

Ijen Tour from Bali Pleasurable Moment

Ijen Tour from Bali will possibly be the most memorable experience for everyone. People can go through the adventure with their families and colleagues. But it is also possible to do in solo traveling plan. Indonesia is always safe for a solo traveling but it will be fun to do it in group.

ijen tour from bali

ijen tour from bali

 Ijen Tour from Bali can close the Bali-East Java outdoor tour wonderfully. Ijen tour package 2018 is open to book now. Ijen crater tour from Banyuwangi will be simply amazing. Every traveler deserves to taste that pleasure.

The irresistibility of Bali has been listed in many wish list of international travelers. The world also knows that the island has a thousand beauty to explore. Tourists can find the prettiness of tropical beaches in many places in the world. Yet, In Bali, the beauty of nature is colored by the amazing culture and craftmanship of Balinese. The traditions and majestic ceremonies of Bali is the plus point that makes the island more than gorgeous. While spending a week or more in Bali, tourists can explore the natural landscape in this pretty place. Uluwatu beach, Sanur beach, Kuta beach, and Tanjung Benoa are some of the beaches to visit. There are challenging water spot facilities in several places in those beaches.

Besides, people can compile the information of beach wedding vendors so they can hold a beautiful wedding by the beach. The scenery of Uluwatu is so stunning that people can hold a simple wedding that feels like a wedding in a heaven on earth. After that, travelers can also enjoy the museums and exhibitions. People who love a journey with museum visit will surely love the painting and sculpture exhibitions around Bali. Besides, the culture of Bali is easy to find everywhere in the island. Each village in Bali has dancing classes for kids and adults. That is why everyone can dance beautifully in Bali. Only after enjoying all of those wonders can tourists continue their journey to Ijen. Ijen tour from Bali is only several hours away.

Ijen Tour Package 2018

The year-end holiday package is ready to book. Ijen tour from Bali is one of the most wanted package. So, tourists from all over the world need to save their seat from now on. It is important that tourists make a rapid book in order to cut the cost. The rate of high season will be slightly higher so tourists have to count the budget prior leaving. A journey to Ijen will not be that expensive if tourists take Bali tour package.


ijen tour from bali

ijen tour from bali

Ijen tour from Bali is not only easy but also comfortable. Tourists can actually reach Ijen from several kick off place. They can start Ijen as a main destination from Surabaya airport. Besides, they can reach the place as one package with Bromo Semeru tour. But the location of Ijen is nearer from Bali. So, it will be brillaint to include the outdoor volcano tour from Bali. It takes only several hours to reach Ijen from Bali. That is pretty amazing. Ijen is located in Banyuwangi that is relatively near from the Gilimanuk Port in Bali.

Ijen offers perfect adventure of outdoor tour in volcano. It has the famous blue fire as the main attraction. Tourists need to be fit in order to take this itinerary. They will start the tour at night to hunt the blue fire. The tourists have to be in the best physical condition because they will need to do hiking with a poor air quality. However, the tourist will be equipped with oxygen mask in case the sulfur content in the air blows in a hard wind so people find it hard to breath. But tourists should never worry about the condition because they will treasure the adventure. The blue fire phenomenon occurs only in two places in the world. So, the trekking will worth the struggle that tourists have to go through. Ijen tour from Bali will surely give people soul nourishment as they feel the danger inside the dramatic scenery at that very night.

Ijen Crater Tour from Banyuwangi

Ijen tour from Bali will not be tiring as tourists can find various attractions on the way. They can even enjoy the fery boat experience from Gilimanuk to Ketapang harbor. Yet, if tourists want to simplify their journey, they can start right from Banyuwangi. The region of Banyuwangi has unending beauty of natural landscape. Besides Ijen, tourists can also take Kalibaru tour after spending a day or two around Ijen.

ijen tour from bali

ijen tour from bali

Ijen has various spots to enjoy but tourists can get pleasure in all the services in one trip. They will love the blue sulfur acid lake after hunting the blue fire. Along the way to the lake, tourists will meet the sulfur miners who will give them another beautiful memory in this journey. Ijen tour from Bali will be perfect as tourist take Kalibaru and Sukamade. Kalibaru is a stunning place for village biking. Tourists will enjoy beautiful scenery of natural landscape with fields and plantation.

Besides, Sukamade is the perfect outdoor tour site for those who are craving for an adventure to see wildlife habitat in the beach. It is possible to set a tent around the area. However, a humble log cabin is available if tourists want to feel more comfortable. At the beach, people will see the sea turtle natural habitat. They can go with the workers to check the nest of sea turtles to make sure that the eggs are protected. Even, tourists can enjoy the experience of releasing baby turtles to the sea. Ijen tour from Bali will be simply incredible.

Go to the online Ijen tour from Bali travel agent and book your seat right now. It is better to contact the online agent so travelers can plan the tour neater. The amazing tour of Bali and Ijen is waiting for your courage. Call the agent via its online service to get the best price possible.

How to Get from Bali to Ijen Crater? Things You Need to Know

There is nothing can beat the joy of backpacking to East Java, Indonesia. There will be various amazing spots to experience in such island.One of the most precious places will be Ijen Crater. Though it is always challenging to go to a place without a plan, the backpackers still need to use a guideline. However, the backpackers will still need to deal with a tidy preparation. They have to compile a reliable rule to get to some places. So, How to get from Bali to Ijen CraterHow to get from Bali to Ijen Crater

In Indonesia, maps are not available at every corner of a city. Besides, GPS cannot always provide efficient information about certain directions. Drivers often find a more complicated route as they follow what GPS suggests. The roads will not be incorrect. However, the routes are usually not so efficient. Most of the time, the routes will take more time which is frustrating. Therefore, when backpackers want to enjoy their Bromo Ijen tour from Bali, it is important that they search the information before leaving.

It is no longer a secret that the public transportation is not so convenient in Indonesia. In finding way How to Get from Bali to Ijen Crater, tourists should therefore pay attention to this issue prior to taking the routes of their journey. For instance, there is no train in Bali. So, the backpackers have to get prepared with more money for a short distance transportation. It is more efficient to rent a motorbike so they can save in their transportation cost. Taxis are everywhere but the cost will not be that cheap. Yet, there is now several choices of online taxi application to use. The online drivers will be ready to help the tourists to get back to the hotels after a trip.

How to Get from Bali to Ijen Crater: Route Details

The journey How to Get from Bali to Ijen Crater will start from Gilimanuk Port. This is a small port that mainly transfers tourists from Java to Bali and vice versa. This is one of the busiest ports in Indonesia. This is so because Bali is so attractive not only for the international tourists but also Indonesian. Bali is still the main tourist destination for group tours. Almost all schools in Java and even other islands love to set a plan for a big trip to Bali. Therefore, it is not recommended to travel to Bali during high seasons because the locals will head to Bali together and make many tourist destinations so crowded inevitably.

How to get from Bali to Ijen Crater

How to get from Bali to Ijen Crater

In Gilimanuk, tourists can reach Banyuwangi within some hours. Banyuwangi is a region located on the tip of East Java. It is possible to take a bus to get from Bali to Banyuwangi for enjoying the beauty of Ijen Crater. It takes approximately 2 hours from Gilimanuk to Ketapang, the port in Banyuwangi. However, there is now a new option of a fast ferry that enables people to reach Ketapang only within 30 minutes from Gilimanuk. It is also possible to start Bromo Ijen volcano tour from Bali by planes. However, there is no airport yet in Banyuwangi. So, tourists can only go to Surabaya first before leaving to Bromo, Banyuwangi and then Ijen crater.

After that, tourist can take another bus to go to the hiking point, Paltuding. The route of Ijen Blue Fire tour from Bali takes 30 kilometers to reach Ijen National Park, in which the volcano is located. It is more efficient to go to Ijen from Banyuwangi. The volcano is located in two regions: Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. However, Ijen is located 76 away from Bondowoso.

Reaching the Paltuding, tourists can start the preparation to hike the volcano. It is only 3 kilometers but the landscape is a little challenging. However, the view along the track is gorgeous. So, travelers will never get too exhausted. In the middle of the track, there will be a scale, at which sulfur chunk miners will stop by to measure the weight of their chunks.

How to Get from Bali to Ijen Crater: the Hassle-free Way

If you are among tourists who love to enjoy the tour and travel time in most convenient way. You don’t need to be worry about How to Get from Bali to Ijen Crater. Taking a tour package from agent will suit you best. Travel agents have affordable packages of Bali tour with private cars. The service will include Banyuwangi and East Java tour if the travelers want to extend their vacation. Besides, the tour will include a transportation to reach the next destination. So, if the tourists want to leave Bali to other destination in Banyuwangi, they can leave tout arrangement to the tour planner.

That is How to get from Bali to Ijen Crater you need to know in planning a hassle-free tour. Tour to Ijen Crater will remain an unparalleled experience regardless of which route to take to start the tour.

Banyuwangi Tour to Ijen

Recently, an erupting volcano in Hawaii has created a chaotic situation. Many people are evacuated in order to avoid the danger. But, does it make the volcano a bad thing in the overall Hawaii tourism? The fact is on the contrary. The volcano is one of the most attractive factors of Hawaii. The same thing occurs in Banyuwangi, Indonesia. Banyuwangi Tour to IjenThe Banyuwangi Tour to Ijen is that amazing because of the volcano exotic beauty. The tourists can start the journey from Bali and Banyuwangi but the superstar, Ijen, will never disappoint the tourists. Besides, it will be amazing to experience the rare beauty of Ijen among the beautiful heritage of colonialism around Banyuwangi.

Let’s start with the Ijen profile. The Ijen volcano is not the highest volcano in East Java. It is also not the most commercial icon of East Java tourist spots. However, there is something really special about the volcano. Tourists will never forget their journey in Ijen, Banyuwangi because of the international recognition. Ijen Crater Tour from Banyuwangi is one of the must visit destination for your travel bucket list in Indonesia.

Tourists will love to anticipate these factors when deciding to take Banyuwangi Tour to Ijen:

  1. Breathtaking View of Ijen Volcano

The beauty of Ijen is unimaginably outstanding. People might guess that the volcano offers the green landscape and wonderful exotic atmosphere at the same time. However, Ijen promises another beauty of a natural wonder. Ijen tour takes the outdoor tour into a next level. It will show tourists how the Blue Fire will be their best moment to treasure for a lifetime. The Blue Fire tour was not opened until the international media published about the beauty of the natural phenomenon. Today, the tour will invite tourists to start the journey in the middle of a night. After several hours trekking to the steep slopes, the tourists will arrive at the Blue Fire hunting spot. This natural beauty is paralleled to the prettiness of Aurora in Haleakala volcano in Hawaii.

  1. Ijen Turqoise Lake

It is common that people can find a lake around a mountain or a volcano. However, it will be rewarding to visit a beautiful volcano with an acidic lake. Plus, the lake looks so stunning with its turquoise water. The color looks thick and beautiful. However, no one will dare to swim on such hazardous lake. Everything will melt away within seconds in the lake. Yet, that is still the strong factor of attraction in ijen tour.

  1. Sulfur Chunk Miners

The locals of Ijen make a living by mining the sulfur chunks. They have to carry the heavy loads on two traditional baskets. They need to go up to the hills back and forth for a small earning. Tourists can find many sellers sell small crafts for souvenirs. It is never a bad idea to buy the products just to help the sellers and crafters.

Banyuwangi Tour to Ijen Preparation

Visiting the Ijen volcano does not require the skills of hiking experts. It is not that easy but it does not need special hiking tools like sticks or anything else. Tourists do need to only have the passion for enjoying the natural phenomena as in Ijen tour. In addition, it is also possible to conquer the place with the family full team. Most families are afraid to go to outdoor tour due to the landscape. Yet, Ijen has no that extreme track.Banyuwangi Tour to Ijen

However, there are still various challenges that tourists might face during Banyuwangi tour to Ijen. For instance, the extreme weather might occur. There are times that thick fog with the smells of sulfur attacks. The tourists should thus get prepared well with masks to anticipate that kind of situations. Besides, the itinerary will make the tourists climb up the steep track of Ijen early in the morning and even in the midnight.

We can always find the lists of stuff that we need for an outdoor tour. However, Ijen Crater Tour from Banyuwangi requires more masks and respiratory aid kits. Besides, some people might not aware of the challenging landscape of the spot. Hiking shoes and comfortable outfit are a must. Tourists will need to move freely as they have to climb up the steep slope for some hours. Additionally, the weather can be too cold. Not to mention the smell of the sulfur that they will inhale along the journey. Yet, the trip will provide unforgettable moments for everyone.

In addition, tourists need to pick the best time to take Banyuwangi Tour to Ijen. This is important for those who want to experience the best view in Ijen trip. A too crowded place will usually reduce the sacredness of the atmosphere, which is the main purpose of an outdoor trip. Pick your best time, save money, and free the hassle with the help from the expert.