Open Trip Bromo Ijen: Lost in the World Wild Tropical Beauty

Open Trip Bromo Ijen

Open Trip Bromo Ijen

Mountains have been the natural wonder that tourists love to visit. Open Trip Bromo Ijen is thus one of the most preferred tours for people who want to leave their boring routine.

The world always like it when breathtaking scenery makes their cheap traveling budget can give that precious impression.

In addition, it is also wonderful to enjoy some peaceful time around the giant natural phenomena. Surabaya bromo ijen tour package is quite affordable for its amazing tourist spots.

Open Trip Bromo Ijen

Open Trip Bromo Ijen

Bromo Ijen tour can be listed as the cheapest volcano and mountain tour in the world.

Nepal has the great Himalayan tour and it will not be so cheap for tourists from Europe, USA, and Asia to conquer this very place.

Indeed, the prettiness is so appealing but the traveling will be a little hard and expensive. Meanwhile, Japan has the majestic Fuji. Fuji Yama has been the iconic tourism of Japan ever.

Travelers can start the journey with Tour Bromo Ijen Banyuwangi.

Open Trip Bromo Ijen is that amazing even for those who have visited this mountain several times. Besides the Pananjakan 1, tourists can try conquering the Pananjakan 2.

When serious debris occurred in this area, the authority will close this spot. However, it is now opened so it can be the alternative for enjoying the sunrise.

This spot is a better option for the trekkers. It is a little harder compared to the first view point. Tourists have to hike half of the way to this point. However, it will not that tough since the wonderful view will pay it off.

Tour Bromo Ijen Banyuwangi

The aesthetical look and the symmetrical shape of this mountain have been pictured in many media to represent Japan. Therefore, Mt. Fuji is listed as the most attractive destinations in Japan. Besides, it is also superb to visit Hawaii for the volcanoes.

Hawaii Volcano National Park is definitely not so cheap for average travelers. Azerbaijan and Island also have the stunning volcano tours but the flight rate and other amenities will be high, especially during high season. What about Open Trip Bromo Ijen?



Many experienced budget travelers have suggested Mount Bromo Hiking Tour for a satisfying volcano tour in Asia.

Indonesia is the home of breathtaking landscape, beaches, and even underwater excitement. Therefore, visiting Indonesia for the outdoor tours is definitely a brilliant decision.

Travelers can go to two volcanoes within one trip. Ijen Bromo tour and travel offers special packages for various for various holiday durations.

This Open Trip Bromo Ijen is the dream adventure for every traveler. The tourists will spend a night around the volcano and that is an amazing experience to pay with that low rate.

Before the dawn, tourists will be able to start the journey. There are several view points of sun rise in Bromo. The tour agent will choose the best place that will make the tourists comfortable with. The hiking track is not so tough.  One of the most popular viewpoints is Pananjakan 1. The sunrise on this view point is the regarded as the most beautiful.

The Package

Surabaya bromo ijen tour package includes many destinations. Bromo is the exotic part of it. At this spot, tourists will be able to get the stunning picture of Bromo during the sunrise.

When the soft mist gradually disappears, the atmosphere will be so much unforgettable. We need to reach this place by 4WD cars. The height of this Pananjakan 1 is 2770 mdpl.

At the top of this mountain, we can enjoy four mountains which are more than breathtaking. We can directly see the majestic Bromo Mount, Batok Mount, Kursi Mount, and of course Semeru.

Mt Ijen is the next stop after Bromo. Within the low rate, tourists will be able to enjoy some spectacular spots such as Pasir Berbisik. It is a sea of sand in Bromo caldera.

A caldera is a place the volcano erupted massive sand. It is a popular destination around Bromo. So, it will be fun to go to this place just to snap some photos.

Open Trip Bromo Ijen will be one of the classy and world class volcano tours that travelers can brag about. Get your package ready by visiting the site now!

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