Tour Ijen Bromo; the Challenging Trekking Routes

It is a good idea to spend our holiday with a city tour. However, sometimes, we need to try mount hiking tour. In East Java, Indonesia, Tour Ijen Bromo will be a totally different package from what tourists have experienced on a city tour. It is common for travelers to expect a comfortable journey in their travel. Travelers want to enjoy the exclusive amenities that can give them great time during their travel. In addition, they want to enjoy delicious foods that are different from their daily meals. In addition, travelers all want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fancy places when leaving for a holiday. However, travelers also need to learn some things on Mount Semeru trekking package. They need to learn about gratefulness by enjoying the breathtaking landscape. In addition, tourists also need to get pleasure in the superb feeling of amazed only by witnessing the sunrise.

The real luxury in a travel is not actually in the expensive amenities but lies on the experience that tourists find. Therefore, Bromo and Mount Ijen tour is one of the most recommended packages to take. It can be the alternatives of a city tour. It is not a boring tour of a hard trekking but a light but fun trekking enjoyment. Tourists will love to learn the myth of the volcano and experience how the majestic look of the volcano makes this place admired by Indonesians and also foreigners.

Mount Semeru Trekking Package


Bromo tour cannot be conquered within one night only. However, if the travelers want to make it compact, Bromo sunrise tour is something to try. Tour Ijen Bromo starts from the very low cost. The midnight tour will be started at the dawn.

In August, the temperature is low and it is important that tourists keep warm. It is necessary to make the warm clothes doubled since August is the peak of the dry season. The temperature can drop to 2 – 4 degrees and that will be so freezing. Besides the warm clothes, tourists also need to get prepared with their own body fitness. Masks and earmuffs are recommended to prevent the bad weather impacts.

Mount Semeru Trekking Package price is relatively cheap and will not go up during the high season. Therefore, it is a good package to take by those who are leaving for a budget traveling. Some parts of Indonesia are quite expensive since people have to stay in a fancy hotel. But in Bromo tour, the rate is low because tourists can save in the hotel rooms. Besides, the midnight tour does not require them to pay for the added accommodation. The tour will last during midnight and thus they do not have to spend a night in a hotel room. Though the midnight tour makes the tourists climb up the volcano before the dawn, they will not feel too tired. The wonderful atmosphere and the excitement to reach the view point are stunning.

Java Volcano Tour

Tour Ijen Bromo
Tour Ijen Bromo

Mount Bromo and Ijen Tour is offered for private, group tour, and also the midnight tour. If tourists want to make it extended, the rate will be only slightly higher. Believe me, it will not become a tour to regret. Bromo is part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park that delivers the gorgeous landscapes in the whole of Indonesia. Indeed, each natural wonder in Indonesia owns its special beauty. But what tourists want to see for a volcano is there in Mount Bromo Tour.

Tour Ijen Bromo will be ready to give a comfortable journey to this amazing place. Not only can the tourists visit a magnificent volcano but also get in touch with Tengger culture that is amazing at the same time. Many tourists give a positive feedback about the tour and some of them say that Package midnight in Bromo is sufficient. However, an extended tour package such as package in Bromo 3 days 1 night is also available. The tour will include rafting and water fall tour around the area.

Besides the sea of sand of Bromo Caldera, tourists can enjoy the savanna with the green landscape. Additionally, tourists can arrange some other destinations around Bromo. Even, professional trekkers will love to take Tour Ijen Bromo 4 Days and 3 Nights trekking in this national park. Call the agent right now and start your adventure.