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Yogyakarta City Tour

For those who leave for a holiday to taste the luxury of cuisines in the destination city, delicacies will be the main attractions. Foods resemble the culture and warmth of a city. This is so because foods are processed with art and cultural essence of ethnicity. Besides, it will be great to enjoy a city through the delicious foods. In Yogyakarta, there are countless delicacies that tourists will love to try. However, there will be not enough time to hunt all of the foods. Therefore, we will recommend 10 out of hundreds of delicacies in Yogyakarta city tour.


Yogyakarta City Tours

Yogyakarta City Tours

Being famous for the culture and arts, Yogyakarta has been widely popular as a tourist destination that also offers modern luxury. Besides, the city tour is fantastic because of the ancient temples and other heritage sites. In addition, Yogyakarta is well-known for the unique and delicious culinary experience. Tourists will find it hard to reject the sweet and tasty flavor of Yogyakarta cuisines. Tourists will surely find many choices of foods to gulp down. When tourists go around the city, there will be many roadsides with popular food stalls. Many sell traditional foods but some also offer modern foods. It is also easy to find a stall that serves only mats for the buyers to sit. They can enjoy the foods with picnic style. The humble facilities of “lesehan” is another unique style of eating that makes Yogyakarta city tour more admirable.


Yogyakarta Bromo Bali Tour Price

It is easy to find a reliable information about Yogyakarta Bromo Bali tour price. We can visit the online site to check the price. When you decide to visit a country with its unique culture, it will be recommended to enjoy everything that the culture says. The deep philosophy in each culture will give visitors an even deeper impression on a trip. Yogyakarta will give more than just expected when tourists are pleased to accept the traditions. Everything in Yogyakarta is awesome and the foods make it just perfect. Sellers usually offer various kinds of side dish. It will be hard for tourists to ignore the delicious dishes. Therefore, the tourists will end up eating 3 breakfasts and more for lunch. Here are some of the foods to try while spending a vacation in Yogyakarta city tour.


1.Chicken Noodles with Secret Sauce

Yogyakarta City Tours

Yogyakarta City Tours

The chicken noodles are not a special dish of Yogyakarta. Tourists can usually find this type of cuisine in many countries of Southeast Asia and East Asia. However, the chicken noodle stall in Yogyakarta will give different kinds of noodle’s flavor. The food stall opens since the 90s. Tourists have to go there in the right time so they do not have to wait too long. There are several kinds of toppings that we can order. The chicken pieces, extra chicken option, and even chicken feet with super tasty spice are several of the toppings. The portions are big but if you want to try several types of the dish on the menu, you can order a half portion of the noodles. Go visit Mie Ayam Bu Tumini at the Jl. Imogiri Timur No.187, Giwangan, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta.


2.Giant Meatball

If you want to taste the craziest meatball possible, you should hunt in Yogyakarta. The city has the super big meatball with many variations of craziness. Yogyakarta is the paradise of meatball with unique serving and side dish. Besides the size, tourists should really try the unusual meatball soup with literally, cow’s bones. The meatball is served with a whole bone marrow. People literally eat and drink the marrow. Some people think it is weird but wait until the marrow melts and leaves the juicy taste which is found nowhere else. Visit Baksonya Bakso Maharani for this amazing culinary.


3.Home-Cooked Food

Yogyakarta already feels like home for all tourists. The comfort home-cooked foods in Bakmi Mbah Mo will make the atmosphere even warmer. The special dishes are noodles but the way the restaurant cooks them make the dishes taste more than amazing.


4.Wedang Ronde Mbah Payem

Yogyakarta City Tours

Yogyakarta City Tours

Besides the foods, beverages are also the special delicacies in Yogyakarta. You will never want to skip tasting Wedang Ronde. It is a special beverage that is cooked with various ingredients and contents. The taste will be like the ginger soup but it is sweeter. The taste is somewhat sweet and exotic. The drink is the authentic recipe of Java. The sweet glutinous rice balls and peanuts will taste unique as they are soaked in the hot ginger syrup. You must try it. The best Wedang Ronde is served in Mbah Payem Ronde stall.


5.Fruits with Shaved Ice

When it comes for a cold drink, Yogyakarta has the fresh fruit with shaved ice drink. You can find it all over the place in Yogyakarta.


6.Gudeg Pawon

This is the signature cuisine of Yogyakarta that you have never skip! The legendary cuisine of Yogyakarta is made of the unripe jackfruit. The composition might be simple but the cooking procedure is long and unique. The dish is stewed for hours with secret recipes that include garlic and coriander. Most of the restaurants serve Gudeg on a banana leaf to give a more natural flavor. The Yogyakarta city tour will be more enjoyable as tourists stop by the famous Gudeg restaurant to serve the best Gudeg with the side dishes for them.


7.Spicy Ice Cream with Fruits

In many Asian countries, fruit salad with spicy dressing is the star. But, in Yogyakarta, the food is served to the whole new level. The fruits are mixed with spicy soup made of peanuts and ingredients. And then, they put some ice cream on top of the fruits. That is super unique and delicious.



The Yogyakarta city tour will not be perfect without a cup of coffee in Waroeng Kopi Klotok. The coffee is made and served in traditional ways. You will definitely love it.


9.Garang Asam

It is easy to fall in love with Yogyakarta because of the unique dishes. One of the best will be Garang Asam. We can enjoy it in Rumah Makan Blimbing at Jalan Baru Mulungan, Grojogan Pandowoharjo, Sendangadi, Mlati, Kabupaten Sleman, Yogyakarta.


10.Crepes with Street Styles

Of so many choices of street snacks, crepes of Yogyakarta is recommended for the tasty and wonderful flavor.


Yogyakarta is that amazing. It will be great to take Yogyakarta, Bromo, Ijen, and Bali trip. We can easily get the information about the Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Bali tour price through the online site. Click the link and enjoy your delicious trip!

Yogyakarta to Bali Tour

What is your dream vacation?

Each person will answer differently because a trip depends on the personality of the tourist.

People might love to escape to European countries with the amazing architecture and natural landscape.

However, some people find exotic countries like Maldives, Fiji Island and Indonesia are more beautiful.

In addition, people will leave for a vacation in which they can find the joyous experience to fit their interest. And mostly, people will find their dream holiday is the one that will fill their soul with the so-called unexpected happiness.

Yogyakarta to Bali tour

Yogyakarta to Bali tour

Will Yogyakarta to Bali tour be your dream vacation?

The main reason for a vacation is to find some refreshment. People want to escape from their routine to enjoy a different kind of trip. In Bali, that is surely possible. For most tourists, the holiday in Bali is definitely an experience of their dream vacation. Bali has anything people want for a vacation. People can pick a villa with a mountain view in Bali. Besides, people can get pleasure in the fanciness of massage in beauty spas all over the places in Bali. And it will be easy to find a unique restaurant to simply enjoy the sunset.


In Ubud, tourists will find many places designed in rice fields. People will love the way the place give them chance to just walk and enjoy nature in the humblest way possible. Tourists can find some restaurants in the middle of rice fields. That will be the best time for people to contemplate and being grateful for their beautiful life. In Bangli, traditional villages are more than entertaining. Tourists can take a trip to Penglipuran Village to witness the beauty of a traditional residence of Bali.

Taking Yogyakarta to Bali Tour

Yogyakarta to Bali tour is potentially the dream vacation for everyone. After spending time in a cultural trip in Yogyakarta, people can go to Bali with a flight to Denpasar. Besides, people can also take an additional trip to Bromo. It will be more cost effective to take the Bromo tour since it is a waste to skip the majestic Bromo while tourists spend their holiday in Java.


Yogyakarta offers various tours including some classes for cultural trips and a romantic city tour as well. However, the outdoor trip will be the best offered in Bromo. After Yogyakarta, Bromo is ready to give tourists the most breathtaking trip in the volcano.

Yogyakarta to Bali tour

Yogyakarta to Bali tour


Yogyakarta to Bali via Bromo tour is a trip with the air-conditioned car or train. It takes approximately 8 hours from Yogyakarta to Bromo. The trip will be a little tiring but tourists should not worry because the package includes a good hotel choice. There will be enough time for tourists to take a rest and get refreshed. The resorts of Yogyakarta tour package are carefully selected so that tourists can get a great pleasure even when they have to stay for a while in their hotel room. The accommodations are amazing and the views are stunning as well.


Bromo is surely the dream outdoor tour for all types of tourists. What can tourists expect from Bromo tour? Bromo offers a mysterious ambiance of the volcano and its Tengger culture. Tenggerese live around the slope of Bromo and pay a huge honor to the volcano. The ethnic throws many traditional ceremonies to say their gratefulness for what the volcano has given. They give offerings and special ceremonies with shamans as the leaders. Beautiful ballet dances are performed for commemorating the ancestors whom the Tenggere believed to had sacrificed their life for the peacefulness of Tenggerese.

Yogyakarta to Bali via Bromo Tour

Yogyakarta to Bromo tour is a flawless tour with a challenging outdoor tour package. You can go to Pindul Cave and enjoy tubing through the river at the cave. You will also fall for the lava tour.


Yogyakarta to Bali tour

Yogyakarta to Bali tour

Meanwhile, Bromo will give you the most unforgettable midnight tour with starry night and sunrise from the best viewpoint. The good news is that both adventures are located on the way to Bali. The best idea will be to take another trip to Ijen in Banyuwangi before crossing to Gilimanuk harbor. It is only several hours from Ijen to Bali. So, the trip with worth the time and distance tourists will spend.


If you would like to challenge your adventure side, soft trekking in Ijen is definitely a must to try. It will be a little bit tiring since it includes the midnight tour for the Blue Fire hunting. Therefore, tourists have to be physically prepared for that.


So, the trip from Yogyakarta to Bromo and then Bali will be your dream tour. How will the trip answer your expected trip?


The first glaring reason is the attractions variations. People will find the most serene place to help them to gain a spiritual refreshment. Meanwhile, there are times people find a modern cafe with nice music in Yogyakarta or Bali. In addition, Bali can be a noisy place with nightclubs and concerts. But then, there are also sometimes tourists can get relaxed in the peaceful restaurant facing the rice field in Bali. The atmosphere of Borobudur will also give people peace of mind. People can trace the past back through the heritage sites in Yogyakarta. And it will be comfortable to face the future after a little struggle in Bromo sunrise tour.

Yogyakarta to Bali Tour Booking Services


Sometimes, a trip ends up annoying because of the wrong choice of tour and travel agencies. The unprofessional itinerary schedules can ruin the joy of the trip. In addition, a fun moment on a trip can be a bad experience when the schedules are messy.

Therefore, it is necessary tourists get their vacation well-planned. It is important to choose a service offers affordable rates. Yet, it is more crucial to make sure the agency will guarantee a neat and satisfying tour.

Make sure you contact reliable tour planner to experience a superb vacation of Yogyakarta to Bali tour.

From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta 

When it is for a holiday, people all want to spend a little cost for the best satisfaction. Is that possible that people enjoy a world-class luxury without spending much money? Well, it depends on the destinations and accommodation. Besides, it will be great if tourists plan the tour ahead. That can give a better luck to find a cheaper hotel with excellent facilities. And it is way better to let a tour and travel agency help with the package. From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta tour will not be tiring at all.

from Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta

from Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta

In Bali, tourists might find all places and corners are the destinations. There are countless spots for photos. Bali also has a unique atmosphere where people will feel like home. There is no specific time to come to Bali and see their ceremonies. Traditional ceremonies can be found every single day in all places in Bali. People will wear traditional outfit and bring fruits in a decorative tray on their heads. Some women will dance during special occasions. The beaches and the watersports are amazing as well. Bali is truly one-stop island for all spectacular entertainment. The nightclubs will roar every day while the serene temples keep irresistible. People can drink and dance all night long. Meanwhile, the tourists can also visit a traditional village that looks pretty and sacred at the same time.

Ijen Bali tour

From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta will be a great experience for everyone. People with all taste will love visiting all of the cities and regions. There are special dishes and wonderful restaurants that people will find through the trip. In Bali, the best tourism sites with a gorgeous Hinduism tradition. The traditional village of Penglipuran in Bali is a good example of how a residential should look. The peaceful ambiance of the village will not only entertain the tourists but also give them soul nourishment. The high craftsmanship of Balinese is thick and visible on each corner of the village. Tourists will love the artistic look of the village right from the village gate.

from Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta

from Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta

The stunning traditional village of Penglipuran has been listed as one of the villages for tourism around the 1990s. It was some students of a university that saw a big potential in the village. Basically, the people of Penglipuran only want to keep traditional and culture as parts of their village. However, international tourists keep coming to see the wonderful village. And today, the village is one of the most gorgeous destinations in Bali. Even, some tourism portals recommend that people should visit the village at least once in their life. The tidy house, the colorful garden, and the ancient-look of the village will be totally unforgettable. From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta tour offers a magical outdoor tour.


Yogyakarta Bromo ijen Bali tour price

It will be comfortable to go from Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta. The charm of Ijen will be reachable by bus, car, and plane. If the tourists take the tour as a package, they will usually go to the next destination by car. That will not be tiring since the accommodations will let them recharged their energy well before leaving. The exotic hotels and professional services will allow quality rest time before Ijen tour right after from Bali. However, some of the tour packages offer Yogyakarta, Bromo, Ijen, and then Bali as the last stop. Any itineraries will be possible. Besides, it depends on the arrival. Now that we have known about the special services of the tour, how much does it cost? It is hard to tell the price because it depends on the services and accommodations. Various choices of hotel are available in the package.

from Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta

from Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta

Tourists need to consult the tour and travel agency to get the perfect rates that fit their budget. Besides, tourists can always call the tour and travel agency to ask the complete information related to the accommodations. Yogyakarta tour will be all about Borobudur tour package. In addition, the glorious Prambanan Temple or the mysterious Ratu Boko Temple can be the extended itineraries for consideration. Also, tourists need to pick some of the outdoor choices while spending their precious time around Yogyakarta. They can go riding 4WD in the lava tour of Yogyakarta. Besides, they will love to enjoy the moment in Goa Pindul. But that is not the end of the story from Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta. The tourists have to keep their excitement for later.

Bromo and Ijen Adventure

Meanwhile, Ijen and Bromo are two amazing volcanoes in East Java. The beauty of those two places is irresistible though to climb up an active volcano will be a little dangerous. However, life should be sometimes hazardous for people to learn things. Besides, it is important that people test their adrenaline while spending a holiday. Tourists might find one or two water sports in Bali to improve their adrenaline. Any kinds of fun water sports are available on several beaches such as Tanjung Benoa, Bali. After that, the volcano tours with the real trekking tour will give an unbelievably exciting experience. From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta is not costly.

From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta tour, it is possible to add Semeru trekking to the package. For those who have climbed and reached the summit of Semeru, the tiredness will last until more than 5 years. Some people who visit Bromo and Ijen once will feel they need to go back to those places. All they want to experience is just to listen to the hissing wind and witness the pretty sunrise once more. To start the tour better, tourists need to call reliable agent for the best package. The travel agency will be ready to make their experience becomes the clients’ experience. Click the website for the instant quote.