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Bali to Mount Bromo Tour


Mount Bromo is the most enchanting active volcano in Indonesia. This very volcano is located in a vast area of Tengger Semeru National Park that covers four big regions; Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang. Therefore, it is possible to reach this site from various directions. It is even common to take Bali to Mount Bromo tour. This volcano, despite the dangerous potential and scary appearance of the smoky crater, is one of the most trafficked tourist destinations in Java and even Indonesia. This volcano is most attractive for the volcanic activity, the scenic landscape, and the sunrise. Bromo is 2.392 meters above the sea level. It is a unique volcano that perches between a canyon and valley which is surrounded by caldera of the sea of sand which covers 5.300 hectare. That is massive beauty that is too gorgeous to miss.

Jazz Gunung Bromo


Travelers can mingle with the Tenggerese, the inhabitant of Bromo villages and get pleasure in the sacred ceremonies that the people conduct. In the meantime, people can attend the jazz music festival that features international jazz musicians and singers. The beauty of Bromo is irresistible and people can explore the entire places starting from the midnight times. The view is breathtaking and it will be super fun to conquer the viewpoint to see the legendary sunrise in Bromo. Bromo Ijen tour package is definitely the trip that adventurers dream of.


Bali to Mount Bromo Tour: How to Get There?


Bali and Bromo are separated in different islands. However, the two islands are only several hours from a ferry boat trip. It will be thus a good idea to take go from Bali to Mount Bromo tour. There will be several options that people can take to reach Bromo from The Gods Island. Whether tourists take a flight or go overland, they will spend at least 1 day just to reach Bromo. However, they can actually make it more worth the time and money. It is better to take the tour to Ijen before leaving for Bromo.


Ijen is located right across Bali. Therefore, tourists will make their traveling more efficient. Ijen is only several hours from Ketapang harbor, the place where the ferry from Gilimanuk heads to. Ijen crater is an international tour destination in East Java which will give a spectacular show of Blue Fire. The trekking is easy and the scenery is totally breathtaking. After completing the trekking in Ijen, tourists can head to Bromo overland. It takes approximately 4 hours to reach the destination.


Bali to Mount Bromo Tour: What to Prepare?


  1. Cope with the Weather

    Bali to Mount Bromo Tour

    Bali to Mount Bromo Tour

There is nothing certain in the climate and weather of Indonesia. Weather forecast cannot predict the weather perfectly because of the natural changes that might happen. The temperature is relatively low in both mountains. Therefore, people need to get ready with the warm clothes. Because of the hard venue, the shoes should be comfortable. Also, people need to consider their health conditions before climbing up the crater. In Ijen trip, tourists have to make sure that they can cope the thick sulfur gas and smells.


  1. Anticipate the Currency

All tourists must have prepared rupiah currency. However, it is better to get small changes so it is easy to make small payments while they spend their time in the destinations. In Ijen, there are many sulfur chunk souvenirs sellers. They can buy one or two just to appreciate their hard work. Also, the national park areas do not have vending machines. It will be hard to pay some necessities with plastic money.


  1. Get Prepared with the Itinerary

Because of the itinerary of midnight tours both in Ijen and Bromo, people need to be sure that they get enough sleep. The trip starts in the middle of the night, so they have to get prepared with their physic and health conditions as well. Bali to Mount Bromo tour is tiring as well.


Bali to Mount Bromo Tour: Where to Stay in Bromo?


Bali to Mount Bromo tour will give people a different experience in the hotel and accommodation. The atmosphere of hotels in Bali and Bromo will be totally different. Let us check several options of places to stay around Bromo.


Café Lava

This hotel is only a step away to the sand. The hotel is impressive since it is clean and affordable. This very hotel is recommended for the location, services, and foods. The rate is affordable for all types of travelers.


Lava View

This place is called Lava View Lodge for a reason. It is located just next to the crater. Therefore, the guests will be able to enjoy the view of real lava. Also, it serves comfortable rooms with superb services.


Jiwa Jawa

Jiwa jawa Resort Bromo

It will be unforgettable to stay in Bromo while enjoying the luxury of a resort. Jiwa Jawa resort is a perfect choice for this New Year holiday.

Enjoy 50% off for New Year season. The place offers beautiful interior designs, gorgeous view, tasty foods, and artistic venue at the same time.


Bali to Mount Bromo Tour: Where to Eat in Bromo?


A trip of Mt Bromo Iijen is totally a stunning package of outdoor trip with unbelievable attractions. In addition, we will love to explore each place for the culinary. From Bali to Mount Bromo tour, various delicacies and cuisines are served. There will be many recommended restaurants in the destinations. In Bromo, Teras Bromo is one of the best. Teras Bromo literally the terrace of Bromo. Tourists can dine while enjoying the superb view of Bromo landscape.


The restaurant is designed for providing comfort through styles. International and local menus are served. What is so good is that it has fabulous ambiance that is perfect for dining. Plus, the rates are medium, so people can dine peacefully without worrying the price.


A trip to Bromo and Ijen will be a great adventure for the whole family. The trekking routes are not extreme and with a proper preparation, people will cope the temperature and hardness in each destination. Bromo is a perfect outdoor trip destination for families since kids will find it exciting to reach the viewpoints. The culture, sacred traditions, and of course the cuisines will all be brilliant experience to start this New Year.


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