Ijen crater is always an attractive thing to visit when it comes to volcano tour in Java Island. Ijen is special among hundreds of volcanoes in Indonesia. Unlike volcano tours to other mounts in the country, Ijen volcano visit requires to wake up and hike up in the middle of the night. Why? The terrific blue fire at Ijen crater is the key answer.

Wherever you go in Indonesia, you will not find such a wonderful fire. In the world, you can find it at only two places, namely, one at Ijen crater and the other in the Iceland. Imagine the heroic moments, when you have to hike up the mount under the guide of moon light or overhead flash light. Besides dealing with the darkness, you will have to deal with Ijen crater weather, which may go extreme at certain time.

Ijen Volcano Visit: Things to Know about the Blue Fire

The Hike and The Flame

After hiking to the top of the mount, you will need to descent into the crater. Here, the toxic sulfur fumes will blow you over. However, you need to get through the sulfur fumes to see the wonderful blue flame. Make sure to bring a gas mask to help you breath normally when going through the sulfur fumes.

In addition, you need to arrive at the crater before 4 o’clock in the dawn. Here, your eyes will be stunned upon the wonderful blue fire. Actually, the vibrant flue hue of the fire is the result of heavy sulfur contents in the volcano. The scene is most wonderful when it is still dark. Accordingly, the travelers mostly arrive at the crater around 3 or 4 in the down. That is why you should have a midnight tour for the beautiful blue flames.

The Sulfur Miners

Ijen Volcano Visit: Ijen Sulfur Miner
Ijen Volcano Visit

When it is brighter around, a heart-touching fact is unfolding in front of you. You will see a dozens of sulfur miners who carry the sulfur stones without wearing gas masks.

They have been doing such a work for years. The sulfur miners are local people who live in small villages around the base of Mount Ijen.

Do you think that hiking to the top of the mount is difficult? Seeing these sulfur miners is even more difficult. They have to carry about 88 pounds of toxic sulfur in two baskets, which are connected by a bamboo beam.

Surprisingly, you can see that these men can walk faster than you can. Do you know how much the sulfur costs? It costs less than $7!

Do the men know the danger of sulfur fumes? They know it exactly! However, they have no choice but to do the dangerous job. Some of the miners sell the sulfur stone as a souvenir. So, why don’t you buy some and bring them home. Anytime you see the sulfur stone, you will be reminded what these men have been doing for life.

Why You Need Guided Ijen Volcano Visit

Ijen volcano visit is not a new tour package. A number of travel companies offer it for volcano travelers. If it is your first visit to Mount Ijen, taking a guided tour is the best choice. There are some reasons for this:


As discussed above, Ijen crater blue fire is a midnight tour. You will have to hike up the mount at about 1.00 a.m. Despite a group hiking, it can be challenging since you are not familiar with the route. You depend solely upon the moonlight or headlamp. According to travelers, this is a moderate-level hiking, but you do not know the challenges in front of you.

Hiring a local guide makes it easier for you to hike up the mount. Local guides know exactly every inch along the route. They can predict whether the Ijen crater weather is friendly enough for hikers or not. This way, you can avoid unnecessary things during your visit to Ijen blue flame.

ijen Volcano Visit : 4x4 Vehicle
ijen Volcano Visit : 4×4 Vehicle


Whether you stay in Banyuwangi or at an accommodation facility near to the base of Mount Ijen, you will need a dependable vehicle.

A guided tour is more practical. The tour agent arranges your visit from the accommodation facility to the peak of Mount Ijen. From the accommodation a 4×4 vehicle will take you to Paltuding Base Camp. This saves much time. From Paltuding area, you have to hike up on foot.

A travel agent arranges the Ijen volcano visit neatly, from your arrival in Banyuwangi or Bondowo, your stay in a comfortable accommodation, transportation, and consumption.

It is almost impossible to deal with these things on your own. As you know, Banyuwangi or Bondowoso is about 60 km away from the mountain.


A tour package to Ijen crater saves your day. The travel agent helps you find the best facilities at competitive tour package price. You can arrange to include all the fees into the package. Examples are entrance fees, transportation costs, fuel and driver, and consumption. As a result, you can enjoy the tour in a comfortable way.

Moreover, the travel agent knows everything you need to carry when hiking up the mountain. Things like gas mask, mountain shoes, drinking water, snacks, headlamp, comfortable clothing, and safety equipment can prevent you from unwanted troubles.

Tips to Take Ijen Volcano Visit 

As discussed above, a guided tour is the best choice if this is the first time for you to hike up Mount Ijen. For pro volcano hikers, the route to Ijen crater is classified as moderate. However, beginners might consider it extreme. To ensure your comfort, the following tips may help:

  1. Make sure to hire a reputable and experienced travel agent. Ask for recommendations from friends, relatives, or online forum.
  2. Make sure you do not have any respiratory problems that involve difficult breathing. The sulfur fumes around Ijen crater can worsen existing respiratory diseases.
  3. Have enough rest and good food to make sure that you have enough stamina for the tour.

Finally, Ijen volcano visit promises a fascinating and unique experience for you. You can enjoy unforgettable moment during the volcano tour. We are supported by experienced local guide and collaborating with local transport operator for 4×4 vehicle. We provide you with a comfortable midnight tour to Mount Ijen. So, Contact Us for more information on the Ijen volcano tour package.

Ijen Volcano Visit for a Unique Midnight Tour Experience
Article Name
Ijen Volcano Visit for a Unique Midnight Tour Experience
Ijen volcano visit is not a new tour package. A number of travel companies offer it for volcano travelers. If it is your first visit to Mount Ijen, taking a guided tour is the best choice. There are some reasons for this: