Indonesia has some beautiful destinations, which you can explore during your holiday. Among all popular destination in Indonesia, Yogyakarta to Bali tour is one of the most sought after by tourists. To enjoy your vacation to the fullest, it’s best to combine two or more destinations in a single package since it can be less expensive. Imagine how exciting it would be to enjoy Indonesia’s wonderful destinations with your loved ones!

Yogyakarta to Bali Tour: Landmark to See and Things to Do

Yogyakarta to Bali tour offers various tours starting from cultural trip to adventure tour. Therefore, it’s the best to take a longer tour package to make sure you can visit more tourist objects. With Yogyakarta to Bali tour, you can visit the following destinations:

The Culturally Rich Yogyakarta

yogyakarta to bali tour
yogyakarta to bali tour

Suppose that you begin the tour from Yogyakarta. This is a wonderful province with rich cultures, beautiful and exotic nature, and friendly people. Of course, you will not miss the main tourism objects like the following:

  • Prambanan Temple
  • Mount Merapi
  • Keraton Yogyakarta
  • Parangtritis Beach
  • Malioboro shopping street, and many more

After exploring the wonderful province with Yogyakarta tour package, the next destination is Mount Bromo. Yogyakarta to Bromo tour will includes transportation costs. It may include flight, train, or bus tickets, depending upon the package. Many tourists prefer land transportation modes like bus or train, as they can see beautiful things along the way.

The Adventurous Bromo 

Mount Bromo is one of the most iconic volcano tourist destinations in Indonesia. It is an active volcano, standing more than 2000 meters above the sea level. The mount covers four regions in the East Java, namely Malang Regency, Lumajang Regency, Probolinggo Regency, and Pasuruan Regency.  

If you take a flight from Yogyakarta, Malang is the closest entry point to Mount Bromo. However, if you take a train from Yogyakarta, you may choose Probolinggo or Malang as the entry point. The train trip may take 9 to 11 hours. Bromo adventure tour is an ideal choice for sunset hunters. Yes, the view from the mount is very iconic shortly after the sun rises. 

yogyakarta to bali tour
yogyakarta to bali tour

A number of interesting spots and activities are waiting for you on Mount Bromo. They include the following: 

  • Penanjakan Satu. If your eyes and brain have been overwhelmed with the view of skyscraper buildings in your city, Penanjakan Satu viewpoint will provide you with a breathtaking relief. 
  • The craters. Challenge yourself to take the 250 stairs up before arriving at the peak of Mount Bromo. Here, you will find the wonderful craters. You will take a challenging but exciting route to the peak of Mount Bromo. 
  • You will go through the sea of sand that stretches 2.5 kilometers away called Whispering Sand (pasir berbisik). Riding a horse through the sand sea may provide you with a thrilling experience. Make sure to know whether the Yogyakarta to Bali Tour you pay includes horse riding activity.

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There are other spots, which you cannot miss. They include the Savannah Hill, which is also called Teletubbies Hill provides you with breathtaking green view, which seems like the view in Teletubbies cartoon series. The most popular transportation to get the visitors to the entry point is jeep car. Usually, the tour price include jeep rentals, an experienced driver, and fuel. 

Actually, there is still a wonderful volcano tour destination in the East Java, namely Mount Ijen. This is a popular destination for a midnight tour. To enjoy the adventurous midnight tour, you may need to stay one night longer.Ijen volcano tour is an affordable option. This additional activity provides you with a chance to see the iconic Blue Fire on Ijen craters.

Exotic Bali Tour

After being enough with the green mountainous view, this is the time to warm yourself under the sun. The final destination is Bali. After spending much energy hiking to Mount Bromo and/or Mount Ijen, this is the time to indulge yourself in the exotic Bali Island. Bali is a perfect mix of culture and nature.

There some options of land transportation from East Java to Bali. The most popular one is bus. However, the choice depends upon your package. It is okay to take a flight from Malang to Denpasar, despite more expensive price. There are endless options of tourist objects in Bali, from the crown Kuta and Seminyak Beaches to secluded Suluban Beaches.

yogyakarta to bali tour
yogyakarta to bali tour

Visiting Bali Island is not complete before visiting its iconic religious and cultural sites, wonderful beaches, and exotic monkey forests. Make sure the package includes a visit to one or more of the following tourist objects:

  • Monkey forests and nature exploration in Ubud
  • Kuta Beach and Uluwatu Temple in Kuta
  • Denpasar, the center of culture, shopping center, and nightlife

Bali tourism is a never-ending topic of discussion. There are no enough days to explore beauty of the island. You can choose some iconic objects to visit for the first time.

Yogyakarta Bromo Bali Tour Price: The Bottom Line

Yogyakarta to Bali Tour certainly offers the ultimate holiday experience for you. These are among the most favorite destinations in the country. However, choosing a package and objects to see during the visit will not be an easy thing. Therefore, make sure to consult us first. Tell us your priority, duration, number of persons in the group, and budgets. Then, we will recommend the most-fitted tour package for you.

You can see the details of tour package we offer, and then make a decision. Our travel agency has been operating for many years, and we have extensive partnerships with tour operators in these destinations. This way, you can enjoy the tour with peace of mind. Contact Us for more details on the east java tour package or more information about our service.