Yogyakarta City Tour

For those who leave for a holiday to taste the luxury of cuisines in the destination city, delicacies will be the main attractions. Foods resemble the culture and warmth of a city. This is so because foods are processed with art and cultural essence of ethnicity. Besides, it will be great to enjoy a city through the delicious foods. In Yogyakarta, there are countless delicacies that tourists will love to try. However, there will be not enough time to hunt all of the foods. Therefore, we will recommend 10 out of hundreds of delicacies in Yogyakarta city tour.


Yogyakarta City Tours

Yogyakarta City Tours

Being famous for the culture and arts, Yogyakarta has been widely popular as a tourist destination that also offers modern luxury. Besides, the city tour is fantastic because of the ancient temples and other heritage sites. In addition, Yogyakarta is well-known for the unique and delicious culinary experience. Tourists will find it hard to reject the sweet and tasty flavor of Yogyakarta cuisines. Tourists will surely find many choices of foods to gulp down. When tourists go around the city, there will be many roadsides with popular food stalls. Many sell traditional foods but some also offer modern foods. It is also easy to find a stall that serves only mats for the buyers to sit. They can enjoy the foods with picnic style. The humble facilities of “lesehan” is another unique style of eating that makes Yogyakarta city tour more admirable.


Yogyakarta Bromo Bali Tour Price

It is easy to find a reliable information about Yogyakarta Bromo Bali tour price. We can visit the online site to check the price. When you decide to visit a country with its unique culture, it will be recommended to enjoy everything that the culture says. The deep philosophy in each culture will give visitors an even deeper impression on a trip. Yogyakarta will give more than just expected when tourists are pleased to accept the traditions. Everything in Yogyakarta is awesome and the foods make it just perfect. Sellers usually offer various kinds of side dish. It will be hard for tourists to ignore the delicious dishes. Therefore, the tourists will end up eating 3 breakfasts and more for lunch. Here are some of the foods to try while spending a vacation in Yogyakarta city tour.


1.Chicken Noodles with Secret Sauce

Yogyakarta City Tours

Yogyakarta City Tours

The chicken noodles are not a special dish of Yogyakarta. Tourists can usually find this type of cuisine in many countries of Southeast Asia and East Asia. However, the chicken noodle stall in Yogyakarta will give different kinds of noodle’s flavor. The food stall opens since the 90s. Tourists have to go there in the right time so they do not have to wait too long. There are several kinds of toppings that we can order. The chicken pieces, extra chicken option, and even chicken feet with super tasty spice are several of the toppings. The portions are big but if you want to try several types of the dish on the menu, you can order a half portion of the noodles. Go visit Mie Ayam Bu Tumini at the Jl. Imogiri Timur No.187, Giwangan, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta.


2.Giant Meatball

If you want to taste the craziest meatball possible, you should hunt in Yogyakarta. The city has the super big meatball with many variations of craziness. Yogyakarta is the paradise of meatball with unique serving and side dish. Besides the size, tourists should really try the unusual meatball soup with literally, cow’s bones. The meatball is served with a whole bone marrow. People literally eat and drink the marrow. Some people think it is weird but wait until the marrow melts and leaves the juicy taste which is found nowhere else. Visit Baksonya Bakso Maharani for this amazing culinary.


3.Home-Cooked Food

Yogyakarta already feels like home for all tourists. The comfort home-cooked foods in Bakmi Mbah Mo will make the atmosphere even warmer. The special dishes are noodles but the way the restaurant cooks them make the dishes taste more than amazing.


4.Wedang Ronde Mbah Payem

Yogyakarta City Tours

Yogyakarta City Tours

Besides the foods, beverages are also the special delicacies in Yogyakarta. You will never want to skip tasting Wedang Ronde. It is a special beverage that is cooked with various ingredients and contents. The taste will be like the ginger soup but it is sweeter. The taste is somewhat sweet and exotic. The drink is the authentic recipe of Java. The sweet glutinous rice balls and peanuts will taste unique as they are soaked in the hot ginger syrup. You must try it. The best Wedang Ronde is served in Mbah Payem Ronde stall.


5.Fruits with Shaved Ice

When it comes for a cold drink, Yogyakarta has the fresh fruit with shaved ice drink. You can find it all over the place in Yogyakarta.


6.Gudeg Pawon

This is the signature cuisine of Yogyakarta that you have never skip! The legendary cuisine of Yogyakarta is made of the unripe jackfruit. The composition might be simple but the cooking procedure is long and unique. The dish is stewed for hours with secret recipes that include garlic and coriander. Most of the restaurants serve Gudeg on a banana leaf to give a more natural flavor. The Yogyakarta city tour will be more enjoyable as tourists stop by the famous Gudeg restaurant to serve the best Gudeg with the side dishes for them.


7.Spicy Ice Cream with Fruits

In many Asian countries, fruit salad with spicy dressing is the star. But, in Yogyakarta, the food is served to the whole new level. The fruits are mixed with spicy soup made of peanuts and ingredients. And then, they put some ice cream on top of the fruits. That is super unique and delicious.



The Yogyakarta city tour will not be perfect without a cup of coffee in Waroeng Kopi Klotok. The coffee is made and served in traditional ways. You will definitely love it.


9.Garang Asam

It is easy to fall in love with Yogyakarta because of the unique dishes. One of the best will be Garang Asam. We can enjoy it in Rumah Makan Blimbing at Jalan Baru Mulungan, Grojogan Pandowoharjo, Sendangadi, Mlati, Kabupaten Sleman, Yogyakarta.


10.Crepes with Street Styles

Of so many choices of street snacks, crepes of Yogyakarta is recommended for the tasty and wonderful flavor.


Yogyakarta is that amazing. It will be great to take Yogyakarta, Bromo, Ijen, and Bali trip. We can easily get the information about the Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Bali tour price through the online site. Click the link and enjoy your delicious trip!

Yogyakarta Travel Package

Yogyakarta travel package

Lawang sewu

Spending a holiday in central Java, Indonesia will worth the struggle and costs. Though it looks easy and comfortable to travel around Central Java, there is actually some essential information to reveal for making the trip goes perfect. In addition, it is so much necessary that the tourists know the cross-cultural understanding so they can enjoy every destination in Central Java that is flexible destination to add to Yogyakarta travel package.

Central Java Geographic

Central Java is a province in Indonesia which is located in the middle of Java Island. The administrative capital is Semarang. It is a populated place with more than 33 millions of population. Central Java is a unique place with a cultural concept. And tourists can easily pick the tour of Yogyakarta as a special region while taking Central Java trip.

To the west and east, Central Java is bordered by West and East Java region. To the north and south, it has the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean. Therefore, Central Java tour will include offshore islands like Karimun Java. Meanwhile, there are one more offshore islands Nusakambangan, which is unrecommended for a tourism; It is an area of prison for criminals with a heavy case. The most valuable thing of Central Java is the near access to Yogyakarta. This special region included in Yogyakarta travel package is culturally and historically part of Central Java region. However, it has been separated administratively.

Yogyakarta travel package

Yogyakarta travel package

It is pleasant to visit Central Java due to the temperature. The average temperature is between 18 to 28 degrees. During the rainy season, the humidity will improve. However, the rain will be completely diverse to the monsoon rain that can be hazardous with the strong wind and storm. The rain will be over several hours. Sometimes, the rain will last only for an hour. That will be untroublesome for a tour.

The topography of Central Java is regular. It has narrow strips of lowlands around the northern area. Meanwhile, the southern coast has mountain ranges. To the west, volcanoes contribute to a impressive view of Central Java. It has stratovolcano of Mount Slamet and Dieng Volcanic Complex on Dieng Plateau. Other volcanoes are Mount Merapi, Merbabu, Ungaran, Muria, and Lawu. Because of the active volcanic landscape, Central Java is a highly fertile agriculture land.

What to Prepare for Central Java Trip

There is practically nothing to be cautious about when taking Central Java trip. The city is relatively secured for solo travelers. People do not have to worry about safety since the criminal number around Central Java is low. Yet, in the crowds, tourists still need to be cautious with pickpockets. In addition, it is essential to only trust reliable travel agents. The excellent thing about Central Java is the kindhearted people. Tourists and foreigners can always ask directions to the locals, and they will be pleased to show any kinds information. Even, the locals love to invite tourists to explore their village and home. There will even feel pleased to dine together with the tourists. Javanese are polite and they appreciate polite tourists. So, it is recommended tourists watch their behavior. Otherwise, to wear modest clothes is a ethical decision.

Things to Do in Central Java

It is not overmuch to say that Central Java is the home of glorious temples in Indonesia. Those who love to visit temples and learn about the histories will find that Central Java is the best bet. There are countless temples to visit in the region. All of which have the unique sides of heritage that tourists will treasure. Most of the time, travelers will not have that much time to go to every temple. Therefore, Borobudur and Prambanan should be put on the list of Yogyakarta travel package. Plaosan, Pawon, Mendut, and Sewu Temples are equally prime destinations for Javanese history fans.

Central Java also has an breathtaking view. Tourists can now join Lava Tour. This is a fun tour with 4WD in the track of Merapi eruption. The fresh air, challenging trekking route, and wonderful panoramic view make the Lava Tour as one of the special ideas. Besides, Imogiri royal cemetery is a beautiful place for a more spiritual tour in Central Java.

Central Java is close to Yogyakarta so that it is easily goes along with the Yogyakarta travel package where Keraton and Taman Sari are two impressive destinations to visit. Taman Sari literally means a Garden Park. The architecture is shabby but looks luxurious at the same time. The detail ornaments are more than gorgeous.

Central Java also has Kota Gede. This city was the capital city of Mataram. This place has a historic atmosphere of the Yogyakarta suburb. A city is also a prominent place for visiting home industries of Batik. Tourists can learn how to make Batik in this town. Ultimately, it is ideal choice to take a complete Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen tour package.

Borobudur Tour Package; the Temple as the grand Icon

Historians and many archeologists believe that there is one thing that confirms the quality of a civilization; it is the value of the history. Therefore, Indonesians should feel proud they have Borobudur Temple to show the glorious past of Indonesia. This temple as the prime destination covered in the Borobudur Tour package is no longer a representative of a religion in Indonesia. It is an icon of grand history and heritage of Javanese and Indonesians.

Borobudur was derived from Barabudhur, a Javanese word. This Temple was from 9th century of Sailendra Dynasty. Borobudur has the style of Mahayana Buddhist temple that consists of nine stacked platforms. It has six squares shape with three circular bases. The temple is topped by a central dome. At the outset, the temple owned a chattra, a sharp and pointed top on the stupa. Yet, the chattra should be removed because of the reconstruction hardship.

Borobudur is located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. However, the location is around Special Region of Yogyakarta. Thus, it will be difficult to exclude this temple from the itinerary Yogyakarta city tour. Besides, the history will never split the temple with the culture of Yogyakarta, that is now administratively separated with Central Java authority.

The History of Borobudur

Built in the 9th century, the temple has the Javanese Buddhist architecture with the thick color of Javanese Buddhist styles. The designs blend the Indonesia native cult that teaches about ancestor worship and Nirvana concept.

Borobudur Tour Packages

Borobudur Tour Packages

Before learning about the history of Borobudur, we should know the etymology of the name Borobudur. There is no actually clear written evidence that mentions the official name of Borobudur. The name was suggested by Sir Thomas Raffless’sin his book of Javan History. An older script containing the name is Nagarakretagama by Mpu Prapanca. He was a Buddhist scholar of Majapahit court around 1365.

Another concept of naming a temple in Javanese was by the nearest village. It was Bore, the nearby village in which Borobudur was located. Nevertheless, the name Budur was related to the word Buddha. In addition, another archeologist suggested the word Budur might be derived from the term Bhudhara, which means mountain. That idea makes sense since the shape of this temple resembles the outfit of a mountain. And the possible etymology is the word Biara Beduhur or Vihara Buddha Uhr in Sanskrit. Buddha Uhr simply means the City of Buddhas, which fits the glorious look of Borobudur Temple. Buddha Uhr or simplified as Bedhuhur can mean also a high place or hill. Thus, Borobudur is a Buddhist vihara located in a high place.

The history of Borobudur stays mysterious because there are no known records of the construction methods and purposes. Besides, the style of the temple itself sometimes confuses many scholars. This aspect remains become tourism magnet of Borobudur Tour package for travellers around the globe.

The temple was built during the peak dynasty of Sailendra. The Mataram Kingdom under the influence of Srivijayan Empire was the era that was responsible for the construction. In this way, it is concluded that Borobudur was founded around 800 CE. It took approximately 75 years to complete the construction processes. What is so peculiar is that there is no irrefutable evidence about the ruler’s religion around that time. Archeologists cannot conclude whether it was Hindu or Buddhist that ruled the place at that period of time. Some believe Sailendras were ardent worshippers of Buddha. In the meantime, a stone inscription in Sojomerto suggested the dynasty was Hindus. The confusion appears because of the almost similar year of construction between Shiva Prambanan temple only 6.2 miles from Borobudur temple.

Yet, a apparent evidence shown in Kalasan Charter dated 778 CE suggests that there is a peaceful condition in which a ruler name Rakai Panangkaran granted his permission to the Buddhist followers to build a great temple like Borobudur. Besides, he also demonstrated his respect by contributing Kalasan village to the Buddhist community. So, history noted that there was never huge conflict related to religion differences in Java. This concludes that it was possible for the Hindu ruler to let the establishment of the Buddhist temple. Travellers taking Borobudur Tour package will get privileges to hear more complete story from the local guide in Borobudur.

The Ancient Hypothesis of Borobudur Lake

Many scholars believe that Borobudur was originally surrounded by a lake. The appearance will be similar to Siem Reap in Cambodia. The speculation was a point of discussion among archaeologists in the 20th century. A Dutch scholar of Hindu and Buddhist architecture even developed a hypothesis in 1931 that said that Kedu Plain was formerly a giant lake. Borobudur was expected to look like a massive lotus flower floating in the middle of the lake. Nevertheless, there was no compelling evidence to confirm the hypothesis.

Many theories and hypotheses even make Borobudur Temple in Borobudur Tour package more mysterious and inviting. We can find various pieces of literature and books containing the history of Borobudur. All of them will discuss how glorious this temple is and how Javanese Indigenous is more than amazing.

Common question to arise among travellers, especially the international ones, is how to get to Borobudur. As has been told before, Borobudur is located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. It’s only 1.5 hours’ driving from the city center of Yogyakarta Special Region. Travellers have the option to take public transport (Trans Jogja). However, for travelers who prioritize the convenience of travel, booking transport together with the tour package is more advised.