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Malang Bromo Ijen Tour; the Best Time to Visit

If you haven’t gone to a travel at all this year, August will be the perfect month to spend in Java, Indonesia. It is a high season month actually. Yet, you do not have to worry about too high rate to visit during the peak season. This is so because there are many destinations in Malang those charges with regular rates even in high season. For instance, Malang Bromo Ijen Tour is offered for a stable rate. For a single Bromo midnight tour, the rate is more affordable. Meanwhile, for those who want to make it extended with Ijen tour, the rate will be slightly higher but will not go up during high season.

Malang Bromo Tour package is great to do all year around. However, during rainy seasons, it will be a little bit complicated to visit Malang. It is a city with much rainfall. Though the rainy season in Malang is different to that of the monsoon season, tourists still need to be very cautious. August is thus a perfect month to visit Malang. The weather is a little colder during midnight and dawn but the rain rarely occurred in August.

Malang Tourism; Budget Tour for Everyone

Those who want to make it more afforadable can join open trip Malang. How open trip Bromo works? Travelers can get a quote from a trusted online travel agent. The fixed schedule of an open trip will be offered. They can simply contact the service and join the group tour comfortably. It will be a lot cheaper to join an open trip to Bromo and Ijen.

Malang Bromo Ijen Tour

Malang Bromo Ijen Tour

Besides, travelers can also take Open trip Batu Malang. This is an amazing group tour that will provide an unending journey to various parks, natural wonders, and wonderful garden. Batu and Malang are two areas with the fresh and pleasant weather. Tourists can have a great time visiting various destinations including apple garden and green parks. The views are breathtaking in all sides of Malang. After the agro tourist destinations, travelers can go to several waterfalls around Batu and Malang. Today, there are also many cafes with exclusive styles around Malang to drop by for a while after several journeys. And the best stop will be the majestic Mt Bromo.


Bromo is the icon of an international tourist destination. Despite the notorious fact about the too popularity effects, Bromo is still the charm of Malang tourism. Bromo is so popular that people keep coming to the destinations. During high season, the crowds will gather and climb up the View Point together. In several available View Points, many local tourists and international travelers will together wait for the sunrise. That is sometimes unpleasant to be in the crowds to enjoy the sacred moment of sunrise in Bromo. But the beauty is irresistible for everyone. So, tourists have to get ready with that problem. The exotic Bromo has been so prominent. Therefore, many tourists come only for getting pleasure with the exotic landscape. The smoking crater and the spectacular sounds of the smoke eruption make the atmosphere so much thrilling.

Malang Bromo Tour Package to Order

Bromo Ijen Tour offers several Malang Bromo Ijen Tour packages. The passionate hikers, Bromo tour can be mixed with Semeru tour as well. However, a short tour in Bromo and then Ijen tour package will be a good choice as well. Bromo tour has an awesome package of midnight tour and sunrise tour. In addition, tourists can go rafting after enjoying the landscape of Bromo. If that is not enough for giving the tourists great pleasure with the natural view, some waterfall around Malang can be included on the list.

Malang Bromo Ijen Tour

Malang Bromo Ijen Tour

Malang Bromo Ijen Tour costs will be afforadble for every tourist. That rate includes the car, driver, fuel, and entrance tickets. A short tour in Bromo in midnight Bromo Tour is the most popular one. Most Bromo travelers leave positive impressions after taking the package. Some feel a little disappointed due to some weather problems that make the sun rise not so vivid. However, the overall impressions are positive. This is due to the amazing landscape and sunrise. Besides, travelers commonly like it because of the low price. It is a good choice for a budget traveler. The tour will be a one package traveling experience at the lowest price possible. Contact the customer service now and enjoy the tour.



Bromo Ijen Blue Fire Tour, Adventurers’ Favorite

Bromo Ijen Blue Fire tour offers a new experience in life. First, we will register a fun trip without knowing our fellow tourist we will encounter. Next, we can pay a modest rate for an amazing tour ahead. In addition, we will love gathering with many new friends for a trip. It will be better than leaving for a holiday all alone. Summer holiday is close enough and it will be a waste if we let it go without any special trip. In summers, travelers will pack backpacks and book trains. They will be pleased to go on a long journey just to enjoy Bromo, Ijen, Argapuro, Semeru, and other mountains in East Java. For those who want to make the journey simplified, tour packages of Bromo Ijen Tour 2018 are ready to book.

Bromo Ijen Tour from Malang

Bromo Ijen Blue Fire tourWhat can we enjoy by joining Malang Bromo Ijen tour? Well, the destinations that adventurers want to experience are all in Malang. In Batu (near Malang), extreme sports in the magnificent venues will make people want to stay a little longer in this town. Besides, amusement parks and apple gardens are also available in Batu. Waterfalls, beaches, and of course volcanoes are the main icons of tour destinations in Batu and Malang. Among all of those destinations, Bromo stands the king.

Mount Bromo Tour

Bromo hiking tour has been a popular hiking internationally. The picture of Bromo has been featured in various media. Even local tourists find this place wonderful even after several times of trip. Foreigners also pick this place for the affordable rate and the lovely scenery around the area. People who love a soft climbing track can choose Bromo to enjoy that outdoor activity. People do not have to spend some days to climb up the mountain because of the low View Point. Nonetheless, that does not reduce that prettiness of sunrise from the View Point. Bromo is also exotic because of the myths and history inside. Learning about Bromo ancient history while enjoying the dance show during Kasada ceremony will inevitably be an unforgettable experience for all tourists.

Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package

After enjoying the exotic Bromo with its culture and landscape beauty, it is time for breathtaking scenery of Ijen volcano. Local tourists might find it too long for two volcanoes tours within one trip. Nevertheless, international tourists should never miss this chance. The location of Ijen volcano is only 7 hours from Bromo. Thus, the rate is more reduced if tourists take this Bromo Ijen Blue Fire tour. The affordable price will include transportation, driver, meals, and entrance tickets.

From the View Point of Bromo, tourists can enjoy a bright sunrise with the smoked crater of Bromo view. Meanwhile, in Ijen, tourists will get stunned with the dramatic sunrise from the View Point of Ijen while the acidic sulfur lake is boiling. The dangerous crater is even the attractiveness of Ijen volcano that is more than inviting.

Mount Bromo Tour Package Price

Mt Bromo Tour is offered at a pocket-friendly rate. It is the rate of a sunrise tour in Bromo. The price includes transportation and entrance ticket. Though it is called a sunrise tour, tourists can still enjoy other tours around the area. In the meantime, a further tour is a little higher. Tourists can ask for a pickup from Surabaya or Malang. It is more admirable to take a complete tour since Bromo will never be enough to enjoy from the View Point only. Additionally, tourists can also select Bromo and Malang tour package to get a cheaper cost. The price will be slightly higher, but the destinations are varied.

People can leave for Bromo Ijen Blue Fire tour for various reasons. For a colleague tour or corporate programs, the volcano tours are definitely a good choice. It will grant people a splendid time as the adventure challenges their courage. For those who want to spend a family trip in their quality time, the package is also a good idea. Falling in love couples can even leave for Bromo and Ijen tour for a honeymoon. The ideas of spending a holiday in natural wonders such as volcanoes are definitely awesome. Tourists can refresh their mind and make them grateful for this delightful life.

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