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Ijen Travel

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Many travel blogs have discussed the Ijen volcano tour. Many people have visited the volcano and said that there is something different about the volcano. Unlike other volcano and natural wonders in the world, Ijen has an exotic beauty that is rarely found. Even, the majestic lake and blue fire of Ijen bring the so-called calming effect. People can possibly find the same volcano in other nations or even Indonesia. However, Ijen has the serene atmosphere and great moral values. Ijen Travel is ready to give tourists unending joyfulness in East Java tour. Tour Ijen Crater is one the best outdoor tour in the world. Trip Ijen Baluran Menjangan is a full package of joy. The myth says that the area is cursed.

Ijen Travel

Ijen Travel

Ijen Travel  covers some trekking experience and adventures. However, the trekking is not a hard job of mount hiking though due to some reasons, the journey will be a little hazardous. Yet, tourists do not have to worry about the sulfur substance in the air because they can always use the oxygen tank available. That is the first fact that tourists have to know. Besides, Ijen Travel offers Ijen volcano tour with the world’s largest acic volcanic crater lake. The Ijen Crater or Kawah Ijen is well-known for the danger. The turquoise color of the lake looks a amazing but that area is so much dangerous.

The crater is  very active. With the measure of 950×600 m, the crater is a giant area rich in sulphur deposits. Within the abundant chunk of sulphur do the humble miners make a living. The volcano has several stratovolcanoes with the active status. They constructed over 20 km or more wide Ijen Caldera. That makes the area the largest caldera in the entire java. Tourists might need to compile the information before leaving for the Ijen tour. They have to anticipate all natural natural hazards that possibly occur in the site.

Tour Ijen Crater

The steaming water of sulphur lake in the Ijen Crater is the most inviting attraction in the Tour Ijen Crater. During the day, the steaming water of the lake creates a wonderful hue of turquoise color. At night, the burning sulfuric gases creates a blue glow that is popular as the Blue Fire. It tools one or to hours leads up for the hikers to reach the peak of the crater. They will need to hike through the slopes of the volcano rim. Hikers will be rewarded with the breathtaking views of the colorful lake. The green view of Ijen Plateau will make the experience more remarkable. Ijen Travel  is recommended for family and group tourist for its easy hiking track. Couples can also spend their best time in Ijen. The wonderful scenery can bring a simple romance for the couples.

Ijen Travel  will be comfortable because tourists have various hotel services. They can even book a villa to make the journey more memorable. The hotel will let tourists spending their time in a special room with a beautiful view.

Ijen Travel

Ijen Travel

It is even possible for the tourists to take a walk around the villa and enjoy the rice field view. They can even go biking just to value their morning better. Not to mention the excellent taste of cuisine in such a place.

Tour Ijen is eventually a trekking tour with deep moral value. People need to work hard to get the reward of Blue Fire or the crater view. Besides, people need to believe to themselves to struggle along the way to the crater. It is also beautiful to see the traditional miners. People will also learn a lot from the ultra grand scenery that they find in the site. People will feel small and get refreshed at the same time. It will be the best way to recharge after suffering from a terrible stress due to overwork and other cases in life.

Trip Ijen Baluran Menjangan

After the majestic Ijen Crater, tourists will love their adventure to Baluran and Menjangan. The tropical forest of Baluran with its flora and fauna will be the real wildlife tour for everyone. That will be another fa

bulous experience for foreigners. Indonesia has a vast area of tropical forest. Yet, there are limited areas that are open for tourist exploration. Baluran is one of them. Baluran National Park has a largest area of savana in Java. The National Park then deserves to be famous as the African van Java. Deer, Javanese Bulls, tigers, and other wild animals are to find in the forest. And it will be so much stunning to see hundred species of birds at that green place. Bengkok Forest will be the main destination in this trip. Besides, the Ijen Tour will be more memorable as the tourists get relaxed for a while in the Bama Beach.

After that, the Ijen Travel can continue to the underwater paradise of Menjangan Island. This destination offers snorkeling with the spectacular underwater view. Tourists will love to take the itinerary since they can swim, fish, and do wall diving conveniently. The beach is not that kind of commercial beach with hotels and luxurious club. The Menjangan Island has the prettiest virgin beach in which tourists can spend their time with the underwater activities.

Taking Ijen tour is a brilliant decision. The trip includes a superb trekking activity in Ijen Crater. The Blue Fire and turquoise lake are two stars in the volcano tour. Meanwhile, the Baluran Forest is waiting for the wildlide safary lovers. The forest is more than amazing with the wildlife animals and flora. The big trees and green plantation in the forest will give tourists a simple refreshment. The tourists will not want to miss the Menjangan underwater tour after that amazing forest trip. In Menjangan Island, the luxury of the underwater garden is offered. That package is surely the flawless choice for real adventurers. Get in touch with the Ijen Travel agent right now and start your journey in no time.


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