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Borobudur Tour Package Price: Is it an Expensive tour?

Borobudur Tour Package Price

Borobudur Tour Package Price

Borobudur Tour Package Price

Borobudur Tour Package Price

Smart travelers will always find a way to reduce the cost of a trip. There are times when people feel a trip should be luxurious to give the best impression.


However, that is not the case. A tour will be more memorable if people can get the most soul-nourishing experience in the lowest budget possible.


Yogyakarta tour will be one of the best ideas. The highlight of Borobudur tour package is definitely one of the best in the world. Borobudur tour package price is incredibly affordable. Budget travelers and backpackers will enjoy the luxury in this trip.


Borobudur tour is not only a heritage tour but also an experience of a life time. The majestic Borobudur will show tourists various sides of human life. The architecture is a product of human intelligence in the past. Also, the precious art sculpted all over the temple will give people thrilling experience.


But then, most people feel the trip is not that affordable because of the high-traffic in Borobudur. That is incorrect because Yogyakarta is one of the most affordable destinations in Indonesia, and even in the world.


Reasons why Borobudur Tour Package Price is inexpensive


  1. Affordable Flight

It is no longer a secret that flight tickets to Indonesia are relatively cheap. A local flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta cost around 50 USD for the economy class. It is even affordable with around 65 USD from other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Despite the safety issues, cheap flights are the trend of tourism facilities in Indonesia. But people should never worry about the services and flight qualities. Besides, the most important thing is people can reach the beautiful Yogyakarta in the lowest rates possible. Tourists can also opt for Borobudur trip from Jakarta by bus or train.



  1. Affordable Foods
Borobudur Tour Package Price

Borobudur Tour Package Price

Another reason why Borobudur package tour price is not expensive is the foods. Well, Yogyakarta is the heaven for delicious cuisines and street foods. Indeed, many cafes and luxurious restaurants are available. However, it will be good to hunt for cheap foods with amazing taste in Yogyakarta. And all tourists will love the fact even fancy restaurants with excellent interior designs offer affordable foods in wonderful flavor. We can easily list legendary food stalls in Yogyakarta serve the most delicious foods in the world. From roasted duck, noodles, Gudeg, steak, satay, and many others are all cheap but tasty. We will spend much time to search for the best meals. Even, we can literally do a culinary tour in Borobudur tour package but still save a lot.



  1. Cheap and Good Hotels

Yogyakarta is the second most favorite tour destinations in Indonesia after Bali. For decades, many hotels, villas, home stays, and even cheap guest houses are scattered around the special region of Yogyakarta. People can easily find luxurious, five starred hotels serving first class accommodations. But it is also comfortable to stay in cheap hotels with good facilities. Three-starred hotel in Yogyakarta is rated from 14 USD per night. That is an awesome price for the excellent services and genuine hospitality. Homestays and guest houses will be a lot cheaper than that. Even, there are many houses are rent for a low rate for those who come to Yogyakarta in a group tour.



  1. Easy Transportation and Short Distance

Yogyakarta does not cover a vast area, so we can reach each destination by car. If we take the package of Yogyakarta trip, we will be able to save a lot since we do not have to pay additional cost for the transportation. If we travel alone, we can go to Borobudur from Yogyakarta city by bus. It takes at least 2 hours. The transportation is even easier since we can now use the online taxi or motorbike services. We can download the applications easily and will save a lot since the online taxi application charges a very cheap cost based on the km.



  1. Cheap Souvenirs
Borobudur Tour Package Price

Borobudur Tour Package Price

Visiting Yogyakarta will be perfect as we stroll in the traditional markets for souvenirs. There are tons of souvenirs to choose from. We can always get high-end products with expensive rates in boutiques and galleries. However, cheap products with ethnic and artistic designs are everywhere. From the smallest pens to a giant pottery are all available. It is also recommended to buy the traditional fabric or batik; a precious local genius of Yogyakartan.



  1. No Scams

Yogyakarta is relatively safe city that will give tourists no financial lost. Scams rarely occur. However, it is important for tourists be very careful. Borobudur tour package price is listed clearly on the websites of professional tour and travel agency. Therefore, it will be good to check the general price before booking. It is recommended to use an experienced travel agency though the rates might be slightly higher.



  1. Numerous Destinations in One Place

The reason why Borobudur tour package price is affordable is due to the strategic location. The cost that we pay for the transportation is once for several destinations. It will be cool to see several beautiful places only on foot. Yogyakarta is pedestrian friendly, so we can also save a lot by walking from hotels to restaurants or café around.



  1. Free Entertainments and Attractions

In many cities in the world, the street food market is one of the most interesting things to see. In Yogyakarta, people should never skip Malioboro Street for the same enjoyments. The street is full of amusements from the street musician, food stalls, humble café, and many more. Traditional cuisines and the interesting atmosphere are two important features of the streets. We do not have to waste much to get the most delicious foods in Yogyakarta. And the ambiance is offered for free. Malioboro is the essential parts of the Yogyakarta local tours.



In conclusion, Yogyakarta trip is not an expensive tour at all. We can always find cheap places to stay and dine in the city tour. Plus, the Borobudur tour package price is affordable. People can go backpacking in this city and still get pleasure in the beautiful sides of the amenities. Yogyakarta with its prominent Borobudur is definitely one of the best options for a budget traveling plan.