Mount Bromo Ijen Tour; What to wear for Mount Bromo & Mount Ijen

Bromo Ijen tour offers enchanting volcano and its dramatic landscape. However, the mountainous area is always challenging.

Besides the terrain, people need to be very careful in anticipating the weather. Even though both Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen volcano are located in Java with its tropical climate, during certain times of the day, the temperature can drop.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: Anticipating The Weather
Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: Anticipating The Weather

Besides, volcanoes which are in high altitude can be so cold during midnight. Due to its temperature, it is important that people get prepared with warm clothes.

People have to wear warm clothes and comfortable trekking shoes. It is recommended to wear masks and earmuffs.

Besides, people need to wear warm socks for covering their feet. Hats and warm shawl are also necessary.

Leaving for a trip to two magnificent volcanoes in Indonesia will not only give pleasure but soul-nourishing experience.

Travelers can learn the beauty of nature while visiting the stunning places.

When they eventually feel the atmosphere in Mount Bromo Ijen tour, travelers will know where they belong and get refreshed right after going back to their lives.