Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: Indonesia and Volcano

It is not too much to say Indonesia is one of the best destinations in Asia when it is for trekking and outdoor trips.

There are many options to choose from. But then, there are many unique things with the volcano tour destinations.

People will not only see lava from afar. In Indonesia, tourists can get close to the crater of the volcanoes.

Besides, there are various sides of volcanoes to visit. Even, the atmosphere and sunrise around the volcanoes are so much attractive.

Indonesia is ring of fire country. In Java, volcanoes are spread in almost all regions and all of them are active.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: Bromo Eruption
Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: Bromo Eruption

Indeed, Indonesia is always at risk of volcano eruption. But the volcanoes also bring beauty, agriculture prosperity, and also excellent tour destinations.

Even though in some cases, volcanoes can be dangerous, still the pure beauty of volcanoes invites people to come and explore them.

In Java, there are several choices of volcanoes to visit. However, the superstars are Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen.

Bromo is famous for its beautiful sunrise but there is more than just a beautiful dawn. The site itineraries, the culture of Tenggerese who live around Mount Bromo, and the myths are all amazing.