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How to get to Ijen Crater from Surabaya efficiently?


Reaching some destinations in Java, Indonesia can be complicated. However, if we learn the tips from the experienced travelers, we will be able to get the hang of it. Tourists will find it easy to choose the right transportation for the outdoor destinations. It will be more than challenging since the public transportation in Indonesia is unique. The superstar of volcano tours in East Java is Bromo for it has the pretty sunrise tour. However, if tourists want to feel the intense romance, exoticism, and natural wonder, Ijen is the better option. Let the question of how to get to Ijen Crater from Surabaya answered later. Ijen Crater will serve the breathtaking view and human experience as well. The tourists will meet the sulfur miners who will show how strength in life can encourage people to deal with unbearable toughness for a living.

How to get to Ijen Crater from Surabaya? Is it possible to go on the trip safely and comfortably with the help of a travel agent? Of course, there are many tours and travel agents that offer exclusive deals on East Java itineraries. However, for those who want to enjoy the travel with a custom schedule and relaxing plan, the tailor-made plan will be a good idea. Ijen tour can be started from various places in Indonesia.

People can start the tour from Jakarta. Tourists can take a train from Jakarta to Banyuwangi to go to Ijen Crater. There are several options for trains to choose from. For those who want to buy cheap tickets of trains, the economy seats are available. The rates might be cheap, but the facilities are not bad. The authorities have improved the services on all types of train in Java. Therefore, even the cheapest seats will experience comfortable and safe trips.

How to Get Ijen Crater from Surabaya: The Routes to Take

The international travelers need to take the most efficient routes for Ijen Crater tour. Some of them will start the Ijen Crater tour from Bali because of the previous itineraries. They will need to reach the port in Banyuwangi by ferry boat and reach to stay in the nearby hotel within less than three hours travel. Yet, for those who take the Ijen Crater trip as the first itinerary, starting the travel from Surabaya will be the best decision.

The travel agent will pick up the tourists from the airport and go to the destination comfortably. However, if you want to do the tour without a guide, you can still do it comfortably. First of all, you have to book for a transport from a trusted travel agent. Why from travel agent? Because most of the transports owned by travel agent or tour operator are piloted by a well-experienced driver. Public transport is also available, but choosing to go with transport by travel agent means all you need to do is just sit and relax. The driver will do the how to get to Ijen Crater from Surabaya in 7-8 hours driving to Banyuwangi.

It is recommended that tourists stay in Banyuwangi for a night just to regain their energy before leaving for Ijen Crater. How to get to Ijen from Surabaya is that tiring but the beauty of Ijen Crater will pay it off. After taking a rest, the driver will pick you up from your hotel to start the tour. You will arrive at Paltuding, the starting point of Ijen hiking.

So, How to get to Ijen Crater from Surabaya?

In conclusion, the tourists have two options to take; public transport or go with available tour package offered by travel agent. If going by public transport, tourists have to take three more transportation means. The first one is the bust from the airport to the bus station. After that, the tourists can take a bus to Banyuwangi. However, going with tour package by travel agent is away more comfortable and hassle-free.

After staying a night or so, the tourists will be picked up from the hotel to the hiking gate of Ijen Crater. Next, they will experience the extreme climbing track to see some natural wonders around Ijen. The most precious itinerary is the blue flame. The midnight tour of blue fire hunting is started in the middle of a night and the air condition is not always good. Therefore, the tourists have to bring or rent the gas masks.

This is to ensure that they are ready anytime they experience respiratory problems because of the sulfur and other harmful materials around the Ijen Crater. Seek advice from trusted local travel agent on how to prepare a comfortable, safe, and uncostly tour to Ijen Crater.