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Cheap Yogyakarta Tour Package for Priceless Experiences

Indonesia has five big islands and other thousand islands with extraordinary potentials. Many of the islands are so potentials for tourism. Java is one of the islands with the most extraordinary opportunities to bring in an immense number of visitors. Cheap Yogyakarta tour package is among preeminent fascination of a cultural tour. Java is not only the most inhabited island but also the one with the most advanced economies.

cheap Yogyakarta tour package

cheap Yogyakarta tour package

The tourism in Java Island is thus more developed compared to other islands and locations. In addition, the culture of Java is an authentic attraction for international tourists. This is the real trip with fantastic culture shows and heritage tours. Borobudur sunrise tour and Batik making tour are two interesting parts of it. Wayang or Puppet show will make the cheap package more satisfying.

We all know that when tourists come to a particular foreign country, they will love to acquire the ways the locals live. In Java, it is riveting only to learn the personalities of the people. Javanese are always welcome to foreigners. They like serving the guests with the best facilities possible. Besides, Javanese are humble and down to earth. The philosophy of Java is that people should imitate the paddy.

Additionally, Javanese are known as people who always smile and kind to others. They have a strong personality but will gather new ideas as part of life journey. The people cannot talk harshly but have good comedy instinct. It is real that Javanese are slow for some reasons. But they work hard calmly. What is so good about Javanese is their willingness to do good to other people and especially to the environment.

Borobudur sunrise tour

It will be amazing to spend a week or more in Yogyakarta to feel the deep phylosophy inside javanese culture. We can do it while taking a Borobudur sunrise tour or a traditional village tour after visiting Borobudur. Along the journey, we will see how Javanese are all amazing.

The people of Java are physically petite to some degree, but they have a huge potential in art and culture. Javanese consider the rituals that are irreplaceable though some they might have a particular religion. So, in Java, people might be Moslems or Christians, but the traditional ceremonies will be similar. People will do Gotong Royong (working collectively) as the social life involves people to cooperate. Furthermore, Javanese are successful to conserve the amazing dances, songs, and cuisines that are all precious for tourism. Cheap Yogyakarta tour package will show tourists how Javanese are really that humble and kind.

Some of the Cultural Heritage of Java

  1. Batik

    cheap Yogyakarta tour package

    cheap Yogyakarta tour package

Batik is not only one of the most precious possession of Indonesia, but the world. We all know that India obtains the signature fabric of their style. And Indonesia should be proud Batik becomes so much famous due to the high art and precious philosophy inside. Batik is a handmade product that can be designed into ready to wear clothes, fashion accessories, and many other products including home decors. Batik is well-known internationally as political icons and celebrities wear it on their momentous occasions. In addition, Batik is a prestigious piece of fabric that is an essential part of Javanese ceremonies like wedding ceremonies and other rituals. A make-your-own-Batik tour can be included in the Bromo Ijen Tour from Yogyakarta.

Batik is carefully crafted by the locals. The materials and instruments are traditional as well. Thus, each piece of Batik has its own beauty. The inspirations of batik patterns come from daily life, nature, and philosophy. There are no actual rules for designing the patterns of Batik. Yet, the patterns have been meaningful and give certain lessons based on the culture of Javanese.

  1. Wayang (Puppet Show)

    cheap Yogyakarta tour package

    cheap Yogyakarta tour package

Wayang is another precious heritage of Java. This puppet show was basically inspired by Indian myth and stories. But later, Javanese created more and more dramatic stories to perform. The puppet was made out of cow’s skin. All of the characters in Wayang are made carefully to designate the personalities of the human being. Commonly, the stories of Wayang will be based on the real events in the social life of Java and Indonesia. Today, political problems and other issues are brought to Wayang Performance. Comedies, wars, and political themes are always there in every Wayang show. What is so unique about this performance is the songs and gamelan (traditional music ensemble) played by the professionals. There are many scholars and foreign artists that study how to play gamelan, singing the Javanese songs (Nyinden), and also to perform the puppet. It will worthed to go for Cheap Yogyakarta tour package to enjoy those priceless art performance.

Bromo Ijen Tour Package in Yogyakarta Trip

Java is a great ethnic of Indonesia that is attractive for tourism. Foreigners will love learning how to make Batik. To watch Wayang performance will also give a superb experience. Many foreigners perceive something so magical inside their soul as they meet the humble and genius Javanese. We can deny that Java with the precious culture has determined an enormous contribution to tourism. Not to mention the excellent heritage of Java that has been acculturated into special architectures like a traditional house, temples, and other buildings. We can trace the vibrant cultures of royal Javanese through the museum. We can even visit the traditional villages and Keraton (the Palace of Javanese Kingdom) to learn the beauty of Javanese majestic culture.

These cultural heritages can be enjoyed in all-in-one cultural tour package when you visit Yogyakarta. After taking pleasure with the Cheap Yogyakarta tour package, tourists will be ready for the next adventure. Bromo and Ijen should be the next spot after Yogyakarta, before landing in Bali. Tenggerese of Bromo and Ijen will definitely grant you another face of authentic Java with its typical beauty of East Java. How far is Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta? It is just within a comfortable distance to go through either by land (5 hours by train or car) or by air (50 minutes). For whom prefer to start the journey from Bali, perfect tour order would be Ijen, Bromo then Yogyakarta. Call the travel agent to tailor the itinerary for you.

Java Volcano Tour for a real hiking adventure

There are various tourist destinations in East Java, Indonesia. However, if tourists want to visit a place with breathtaking scenery and sacred atmosphere, Java volcano tour will be the right answer. Bromo and Ijen are two most famous volcanoes in East Java. Though it is not the highest volcano with challenging hiking route, it is still the fanciest place to visit by hiking lovers. It has wonderful landscape and myths that hikers will never forget. To travel to Bromo Ijen and feel the majestic ambiance in it will give visitors a long-lasting memory. Besides, the price for going to this volcano is not expensive at all. Even for foreigners, Bromo Ijen tour package is an affordable volcano tour. That price includes air-conditioned car, driver, fuel, breakfast, and a guide.

Java volcano tourBromo is beautiful even during midnight. Bromo Midnight Tour is so much enchanting. Midnight tours are offered during high seasons around July-August and December-January. So, it is the best time to visit Mr. Bromo.

Most of the time, tourists are worried about the rainy season. But a matter of fact, Indonesian’s rainy season is quite different from monsoon season. There will not a full month downpour of rain. In some months, rainy will occur on any other day, but it is rare that it rains hard every single day. Besides, even in the rainy season, the rain will normally last for no more than an hour. Therefore, tourists can still go up the stairs in Bromo and catch the sunrise.

Open Trip Bromo

What is an open trip? It is a group trip with so many people that invite other people to join. So, it will be comfortable to enjoy this trip. Sometimes, it is better to do a solo traveling. However, for a Bromo trip, it is recommended that tourists go on an open trip. They can meet many people and share laughter while enjoying the dramatic view of Bromo.

Mount Bromo Tour Package Price

Bromo tour is a reasonable package because the rate already covers all that tourists need to enjoy. Besides, it is also affordable to buy some foods in the local restaurants around the Mt. Bromo. If tourists have enough time to go for a coffee, they can simply sit with the local tourists and taste the hot coffee at the lowest rate possible.

Bromo is that captivating for all visitors. The mountain height and size might not be bigger compared to Argopuro, Arjuno and of course Semeru. However, the prettiness of Bromo is unparalleled. That is why international tourists always include Bromo as part of their itinerary.  Besides, Bromo is a good destination to pick because it is possible to take two volcano tours of Ijen package tour after visiting Bromo. However, international visitors can take a single package of Ijen tour in case they have limited holiday duration in Indonesia.

Ijen Volcano Tour

Tourists who dream of visiting a magnificent volcano with its unique blue fire will feel satisfied to take the package. Enjoying a sunrise in Ijen will be an experience to die for. This is so because tourists can catch the sunrise by the turquoise acidic lake in Ijen. The short trekking is nothing to worry about because tourists will be able to take amazing pictures along the track. The pictures will be great treasures to boast in the social media. Additionally, the steaming acid water view is more than gorgeous. Tourists will never regret to take the package since they can also observe how sulfur miners spend their days working around Ijen crater. The local cuisines are superb as well.

Ijen Tour from Surabaya

Ijen tour is offered in several packages that suit your traveling budget. Even for tourists who choose to land in Surabaya, they can take one of the appropriate packages. People can also go hiking to the peak and enjoy the Java volcano tour with midnight sunrise tour. Besides, it is also possible to stay longer in Bromo to get pleasure in a more beautiful side of Bromo. Tourists can visit the caldera by hopping up a 4WD and spend sometimes in the sea of sand.

Java volcano tour is truly the most enchanting packages to experience. Those who need to experience unforgettable moments with natural wonders need take this chance. Your amazing journey is only a click away. Talk to us and enjoy your priceless experience soon.