Malang Tourism Questions Answered

Being one of the most peaceful cities in Indonesia, Malang is the place where people can spend their whole week with enjoyment that lasts.

Malang tourism has been developing as well. The city now serves better with hotels, tour destinations, transportation, and many others.

Malang has the serene ambiance of high land for people who look for inspiration and serves the most delicious culinary for foodies.

The city is not only a trip destination for lonely traveler but also for fun travelers. People can enjoy the place by backpacking or a group tour program.

Malang Tourism: Ijen Boulevard
Ijen Boulevard

Malang is often portrayed as a small town with no tourism highlights. But once people arrive at the destination, they will know why it is called the city of flowers.

For many, once they visit Malang, they will never be able to forget about the beauty of the town.

For those who stay in Malang for several years for studying or anything will know how deep the city will leave impression right on their heart. There is something about this very city, and tourists have to feel it at least once in their life time.


Malang Tourism; the History of Malang

Malang has been going through several phases of histories. The city gets the name Malang for a reason as well.

Before learning about its historical sides, we need to know the etymology of Malang. Most people get the wrong idea about the name of this city.

Malang in Bahasa Indonesia means sadness. But the name is originally derived from Javanese word Malang. The name simply means ‘cross’, it was taken since the position of the city is crossing from several mountain positions. Therefore, the name of the city does not have any correlation with sadness.

The word Malang is closer to a definition of crossing because the town is located on the east side of Kawi Mount. Even so, there is no clear historical note mentioning about it, the name Malang has been used since the 12th century.

Malang Tourism: Ijen Church
Ijen Church

In addition to the etymology, one hypothesis mentions Malang is also originated from the name of a holy site Malangkuçeçwara. The name resembles three meanings; cruelty, banish, and God. Historians conclude the name means as God banishes cruelty.

The city is indeed deep in meaning based on its etymology. It has an interesting prehistoric story. Also, the city also passed colonialism. The city itself was a product of the colonial era.

The city was founded in 1 April 1914 as a small town under the authority of the colonial. The Dutch built massive infrastructures in this city. Therefore, we can see now there are many buildings with European styles in Malang.

From the streets, the city plans, and the architecture, we will see the city mirrors the city creation of the Dutch colonial in Indonesia. Among many cities in Indonesia, Malang is one that preserves the architecture and atmosphere really well. That is why it stays beautiful and peaceful though the modern era is now loud and crowded.

Malang Tourism; Things to Do in Malang

Malang City tour package is the most common things to do in Malang. There are many beautiful destinations to visit in the city. In addition, the ambiance will melt all hearts away.

Malang has a mild highland climate which makes it so comfortable to explore. The sun is not so intense while the weather is not so cold. The weather will be just perfect. Tourists will love to explore the city before leaving for its nature.

Malang Tourism: Balai Kota Malang
Balai Kota Malang

The Balai Kota building shows a dramatic blending between Indonesian architecture and Dutch signature styles. The architecture and city plan of Malang will leave visitors in awe since it has a grand mansion which lines the Ijen Boulevard.

North of the city center, a historical site of Buddhist-Hindu Singhasari temple ruins will be a good idea to include. To see the medieval kingdom after exploring the city architecture will give another experience while spending a holiday in Malang.

However, there are still many things to do instead of the package of city tour. The super star of Malang travel is Bromo. So, it is always recommended for tourists to include Bromo on the list. Bromo is located in Semeru Bromo Tengger national park.


It is important for people to know there is a huge different of visiting the National Park and the Bromo itself. Bromo hiking tour is mild and more comfortable if tourists want to witness the grand sunrise from the crater of a volcano.

Meanwhile, The Semeru Bromo Tengger national park is more for those who want to do trekking or even hiking to the summit of Semeru Mount; the highest place in East Java. After that, visiting some natural beaches is recommended.

Malang Tourism: Sempu Island
Sempu Island

Tourists need to go to the southern part of Malang to go to Goa China Beach or Bale Kambang Beach. Malang is also famous for its lagoon of Sempu Island. Tourists will love to go trekking for an hour in the mangrove forest before reaching the pretty location of Sempu Island lagoon.

Malang Tourism; When to Go

Malang has a comfortable weather the whole year. However, it is important to avoid rainy seasons; October to March.

However, it will be hard to avoid going to Malang in half of the year. Besides, the rainy season is different from the monsoon season in other nations of Southeast Asia.

Malang Tourism: Place to Stay in Malang
Place to Stay in Malang

Rain might fall for one or two hours and then stop. So, it will not be impossible to do the city tour and even the side tour during the rainy season. Besides, it is good to visit Malang in Year End holiday. For those who expect the sun when visiting the town, the warmest months are October, November, and May.

Malang is a perfect place for a budget traveler since a series of hotels with excellent services offer budget rates.

People can stay at Regent’s Park Hotel for enjoying the luxurious side of Malang without spending too much cost.

Besides, MaxOne Ascent Hotel Malang is also a good choice. This hotel offers a quite small room, but the interior design is fine. Besides, tourists can also enjoy relaxation in its swimming-pool.

Here is the list of budget hotels with great services in Malang;

  1. The 101 Malang OJ
  2. Bess Resort and Waterpark
  3. Same Hotel Malang
  4. HARRIS and Conventions Malang
  5. Purnama Hotel
  6. Solaris Hotel Malang
  7. Ibis Style Malang
  8. Kertanegara Premium Guess House
  9. Ollino Garden Hotel
  10. Kartika Graha Hotel

Malang Tourism; When and Where to Eat

Malang is so pretty even when people only walk down the streets. However, it will be unforgettable to spend a fun moment in Malang by tasting various delicacies.

Visit the restaurant and feel the moment of this very city. Here are some of the recommended places to eat in Malang.

  1. Melati Restaurant: This place offers Chinese foods, Indonesian menus, and also international cuisines. The foods are good and the atmosphere is cozy as well.
  2. SaigonSan Restaurant: This place is famous for the delicious foods of Thai, Vietnam, and others. The foods are some of the best in East Java.
  3. Taman Indie River View Resto: The menus are mainly Indonesian and local foods but visitors can order international as well as vegan foods. There will be always a reason to come back to this place. The view is amazing and the ambiance is more than inviting.
  4. Depot Rawon Nguling: For those who really want to taste the beef black soup, this place is the best one in Malang.
  5. Javanine Resto: This place will serve the guests the best Javanese foods in Malang.

Malang Tourism; What to Prepare

Malang has a complex destination to visit. Therefore, it will be important for preparing proper clothes and preparation. For the hiking tour to Bromo and Semeru Bromo Tengger National Park, travelers need to get prepared with warm clothes, comfortable hiking shoes, shawl, gloves and even earmuffs.

Meanwhile, Malang can be hot sometimes. Tourists need to wear casual clothes that will go well for the hot days and the beaches trip. Because of the tight schedule, tourists also need to prepare their physical condition.

Malang Tourism; Planning the Budget

Malang is definitely a budget town to go. The hotel and the tour package are all affordable. Tourists can book Malang Bromo Ijen tour for a satisfying outdoor trip in Malang.

To take the entire outdoor destination is the best decision since tourists need to see the beauty thoroughly. Bromo has the prettiness of the volcano, sunrise, and Milky Way tour. Meanwhile, Ijen is a perfect place for a soft trekking to see the natural phenomenon of Blue Fire.

The budget preparation will not be that complicated tourists do not have to spend transportation, driver and hotel budget by taking the package. Besides, planning the budget will not be hard since the foods are cheap in Malang. Malang tour is definitely a perfect place for a budget traveling.