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Yogyakarta Itinerary 5 Days

Yogyakarta never stops to give people happiness through its rich culture and attractions. In some city trips, we only have one highlight with several side attractions. But in Yogyakarta, everything in the city is interesting that people will need to spend at least 5 days to uncover the real beauty of it.

Yogyakarta Itinerary 5 Days

Yogyakarta Itinerary 5 Days

It is good to go to Yogyakarta in a group tour or private tour. Also, the trip will be fun for those who love solo traveling. Yogyakarta is blessed with various heritage sites from their royal era. The city is still honoring the Sultan and his royal families with various ceremonies and of course attitudes. In addition, it is easy to fall for the city because of the colonial heritages. And the city is so exotic for the temples and monuments as the trace of its glorious past. Yogyakarta Itinerary 5 Days is tailored to meet any type of travellers’ taste. It covers complete package of best tour adventure in the destination.

It is hard to deny that the city is a magical place because some myths and stories give a deep explanation for each version. People can now enjoy the sunrise tour in Borobudur while having a luxurious breakfast. Or people can hike a hill to witness the beautiful sunrise over the Borobudur sky. Those who love the culture of Yogyakarta can go to some cultural trip to see the home industries of Batik and other products. People can learn to dance and play the traditional music ensemble of Gamelan. After that, people need to have lunch in a superb restaurant with cozy ambiance of Javanese architecture and styles. There are countless things to do before tourists leave for the challenging Lava Tour. To uncover the true identity of Yogyakarta, people need to take 5 days of Yogyakarta city tour in this amazing city.

Yogyakarta Itinerary 5 Days: Detailed Activities

Can’t wait to know what to do during these 5 days? Go check detailed activities below

Day 1 Arrival – Free Time in the Hotel before Yogyakarta City Tour

There will be unending adventure in this city. Therefore, tourists have to take a good rest. A driver in charge from the travel agency will pick you up at the airports or any desired places.


After that, they will head to the comfortable hotel in which they can take a rest before going through a fun itinerary in the next day. There are various hotels to choose from. All of them have a peaceful ambiance. The Javanese culture and nice interior design are brought together in the selected hotels.

Day 2 Bike Tour from Merapi to Prambanan – Prambanan Temple Tour

The second day will get started with a fun bike tour from Merapi to Prambanan. The lovely and scenic look of the view will surely deliver a superb experience on the second day. The traditional villages and the quiet lanes will bring you a peacefulness of your dream.

Yogyakarta is indeed a great city for pedestrian. But little did people know that the villages are perfect for a bike tour. While spending several hours biking around Prambanan anda Merapi, tourists will meet the locals. They can talk to them and even feel the real life they live in.

Above all, the Prambanan tour is an itinerary that is unmissable. The temple is beautiful and is wrapped in a stunning story about true love. Meanwhile, the ballet dance of Ramayana awaits. Yogyakarta Itinerary 5 Days is truly started in an unforgettable.

Day 3 Borobudur Temple – Candirejo, Heritage Yogyakarta City Tour Package

Borobudur is listed for the third day of Yogyakarta Itinerary 5 Days. The beauty of Borobudur has been recorded as the most gorgeous sites in the whole universe. This temple has a deep and valuable history which are exposed through the reliefs and architecture. The detail sculptured walls and Buda statues are more than amazing. The breathtaking view of Borobudur is even more dramatic as people enjoy it during sunrise. The sky will crack so beautifully with the color of tangerine. On some points, people will feel like dealing with the journey of Lara Croft or even Indiana Jones when exploring Borobudur. It is so fun and soul-nourishing at the same time.

Only after that, can tourists go to the traditional village of Candirejo. Tourists will hop the horse cart or Andong and go around the beautiful village. They will love to drop by the locals’ house. It will be fun to see how the traditional village still have those humble houses with ethnic look and simple utensils. Additionally, tourists will meet the locals and get the chance to have a very deep conversation with them. Javanese maintains good attitudes towards strangers. They are so warm and genuine that tourists will enjoy to talk about anything with them. In addition, tourists can taste some traditional snacks which are served in the villages. And finally, they can see and learn the traditional music of Gamelan. Playing the gambang, gong, and kenong for the first time will be an unforgettable experience for all.

Day 4 City tour (Keraton, Taman Sari) – Batik making tour – Silversmith in Kotagede

Yogyakarta Itinerary 5 Days

Yogyakarta Itinerary 5 Days

The fourth day will be all about the Yogyakarta City Tour Package. The journey covers a tour to Keraton, the Sultan Palace. Tourists will be thrilled with the architecture and detail art all over the place. After that, tourists will head to Taman Sari. It is a royal garden of Javanese designs and architecture. There is a pretty royal bath with the amazing ambiance that are used to be the royal bathing place for the princesses. Next, we will move to the batik center in which we can see people make Batik traditionally. The Batik Making Tour will show us how to make the fabric from the scratches. We can even try to draw the patterns with the traditional tools and anything. Right after that, we will go to Silversmith tour at Kotagede. We can enjoy the trip while shopping for quality silver jewelries and craftwork at the site.

Day 5 Enjoy Hotel – Drop Off In the Airport

Yogyakarta is never tiring. This city has the hype and atmosphere that other cities in Indonesia does not have. Also, the place is the center of culture and creative energy. Since the last day in Yogyakarta has come, we need to make it lasts. We can enjoy the hotel room for free. But, if we have some times to sneak out, we need to explore the culinary more. Just stroll around the hotel and we will find some interesting food stalls. Also, there are many new and trendy cafes for us to feel the atmosphere of Yogyakarta before leaving.

The tour and travel agency will do the best for serving all clients. In the last day, tourists will be dropped off in the airport. The last day will not be that short. So, it will be still possible for tourists to enjoy the last day with a simple culinary treat. Just call the agency right now to book the Yogyakarta Itinerary 5 Days package.

Itinerary Yogyakarta City Tour

Yogyakarta is a special destination for almost everyone, Indonesian and international tourist. Many tourists give a wonderful testimony for their Yogyakarta tour. Friendly people and warm welcoming culture give the feeling it is so much comfortable to visit the very place. Many wonderful places in in itinerary Yogyakarta city tour are worth exploring. Listed below are among best things to do in Yogyakarta. What are they? Check this out.

Itinerary Yogyakarta City Tour

Itinerary Yogyakarta City Tour

  1. Include Borobudur sunrise tour. Yogyakarta excursion will be like a spiritual journey because of the sacred temple tours. For Borobudur, people can simply climb the stairs to see what is on the top of the Buddhist temple. But most importantly, tourists need to enjoy the luxury of sunrise over Borobudur. You have the option to take the sunrise from the Puntuk Setumbu or Manohara.
  2. Join the cave trekking trip at Goa Jomblang, a superb cave located in Gunung Kidul (an hour from the city center). Indeed, the destination will not be listed in itinerary Yogyakarta city tour for a city nerd but it will be worth visiting. Tourists will be lowered down 60 meters before entering the system of the cave. The best spot of this tour will be the Grubug Cave. The system is hidden under the sinkhole in which a natural forest be the part of the cave system. It is simply amazing. When the sun rises, the light will go through the hole on the cave roof. It looks like a natural spotlight.
  3. Hop offroad vehicles to witness the traces of Merapi eruption or go for Merapi Volcano hiking. With these amazing itineraries, the itinerary is best called the Indiana Jones tour. Don’t be afraid of taking this challenging tour. You will see the different sides of Yogyakarta trip by taking this package.

What To Do To Enjoy The Yogyakarta Excursion

1. Arrange the schedule well

The first thing to do is to arrange the right schedule to experience the best sides from the trip. Some of the tour spots might locate near each other; some others are away too far. For example, it takes approximately 2 hours to go to Borobudur from the city. Prambanan takes another 2 hours from Borobudur. Therefore to get pleasure with Borobudur sunrise, Ramayana Ballet performance at Prambanan and the sunset moment in Ratu Boko, tourists need to mind the timing.

2.Dress Well

Itinerary Yogyakarta City Tour

Itinerary Yogyakarta City Tour

It is true Yogyakarta welcomes foreign tourists well. However, the complex of temples is still occupied for some religious ceremonies. There will be some Buddhist, or Hindu Priests do their rituals around the temples. Therefore, tourists have to be sure they dress properly. There is nothing wrong with shorts or skirts. Yet, it is important to avoid too revealing dresses. Yogyakarta weather is not extremely hot, so it will be comfortable to wear casual attire like T Shirt and pants. The temples’ areas are normally vast and tourists need to walk and climb a lot. So, it is recommended they wear comfortable clothes and shoes or even flipflops.

3.Take Your Time

When you pick the itinerary Yogyakarta City Touryou need to take your time. You should stick to the schedule but still enjoy your time well. Just get relaxed when walking up the stairs in Borobudur and other temples. Each detail on the temples’ walls is too beautiful to ignore. So, you need to go slowly to get the essence of the cultural trip.

What Not To Do To Enjoy Yogyakarta tour

1.Don’t just take any package

Scrutinize the itinerary and compare the prices and services. So, how much does it cost? There are always different rates of the itinerary Yogyakarta city tour offered by different tour and travel agencies. Therefore, it will be important to choose only a professional travel agency that offers a fair price without any scam. Yogyakarta tour is offered at the best rates according to service offered. If the itineraries do not fit the excitement of the tourists, they can ask for a tailored itinerary.

2.Don’t get a package based on the popularity

You need to be creative and avoid visiting only popular places. Learning the culture and language is always interesting; you can visit various kinds of tour destinations. Yogyakarta City tour can be tailored in different types. The first type is the sweet getaway. The package will include a trip to a popular place only in the city of Yogyakarta. It will be a romantic trip in a Yogyakarta city with tons of great spots for photography. In addition, tourists will need to also get prepared for heritage tours. The tour includes all historical places in Yogyakarta including temples, royal palace, royal garden, museums, and many others.

3.Don’t litter

Itinerary Yogyakarta City Tour

Itinerary Yogyakarta City Tour

Tourists are always free to take any tour they like; a romantic gateway or impressive heritage tour. What is the best from Yogyakarta tour is the culturally rich culinary. Various kinds of food offered at a reasonable price. Tourists can choose to eat street food while enjoying listening to the entertaining street singer or dine in a restaurant with more privacy. No matter tour package you take or the place you choose for eating, it is always important to be a responsible tourist by keeping the surrounding clean..

Make your Own Perfect Tailored Package

To get the most feel of the itinerary Yogyakarta city tourtourists should pick the best arrangement for the trip. After arranging the schedule, tourists have to pack proper clothes when visiting Yogyakarta. The last thing to prepare is their mind and soul; just get relaxed and don’t rush when exploring the city. Tourists should never skip Borobudur sunrise tour, the trekking to Jombland Cave, and of course the adventure in Merapi Lava Tour. It is necessary for tourists to entrust only professional travel agencies to get the right package with the best deal. Next, tourists have to dress properly in various itineraries of Yogyakarta tour.

Tourist might start exploring Indonesia from Yogyakarta then move to Bromo, Ijen, and then Bali. It will take the whole week or even more. The itineraries will be designed to give tourists great stamina once a certain trip is about to begin. The hotels and resorts options are amazing. First of all, the tourists can stay in a boutique hotel in Yogyakarta before leaving for a more stunning option in other destinations. The package is offered for a group tour and a private tour. It will be comfortable to let the experts arrange the tour for you. Call us now.

Yogyakarta Tour Package Details

Yogyakarta Tour Package  is complex and so much soul nourishing. People who plan the tour perfectly and use a trusted travel agent will surely experience excellent service of Yogyakarta trip. Yogyakarta is a special region in Java. It is the only one that has the royal life of Yogyakarta Sultan and preserves the majesty culture of Javanese.

Yogyakarta people have a good personality and welcome to foreigners. The architecture of the city is attractive as well. Besides, Yogyakarta has many temples with breathtaking look and history. Yogyakarta Tour Package  offers cultural and outdoor trip. Yogyakarta to Bali via Bromo tour will be challenging. Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Bali tour price is low for the superb services.

Yogyakarta Tour Package

Yogyakarta Tour Package

The journey in Yogyakarta will be more comfortable with the classes and shopping facilities that people can use. Yogyakarta is the home crafts and artworks. Live performance of puppet show (Wayang) and dances are  available as well.

Not to mention the beautiful natural landscape that tourists can visit while getting pleasure in the stunning historical temples and other sites. The classes and workshops show that the Yogyakarta Tour Package includes the educational tour as well.

Basically, the tour of Yogyakarta can be divided into three types of tours. The first one is the culture and theme tours. This is the most popular tour for foreigners. They can go to Borobudur and Prambanan as the opening for this tour. The second tour is the classes and workshops. The travelers will fall in love once they enter the Batik or traditional weaving classes. They can also go to the dancing club and learn the beautiful royal dances. The third type is the outdoor tour. The lava tour is waiting for the tourists to explore.

  1. Cultural and Theme Tours
  2. Classes and Workshops
  3. Outdoor Tours

 Yogyakarta to Bali via Bromo Tour

In Bali, Brorobudur and Prambanan are two main destinations that tourists should never miss in Yogyakarta Tour Package. Besides, they can go to Plaosan Temple, Pawon Temple, and Mendut Temple if cultural heritage sites are the destinations that they really want to enjoy.

Yogyakarta Tour Package

Yogyakarta Tour Package

Besides, travelers can go to Mt Merapi Lava Tour for the amazing outdoor tour. It covers a 4 WD tour to the challenging rivers and landscape. Tourists can go visit the museum of Merapi eruption to see the ultra dangerous eruption of this active volcano. After that, tourists can value their time in Yogyakarta by visiting the Imogiri Kings Cemetery.

But then, travelers who arrange a long trip in Java can take the Bromo Tour as the additional destination. Bromo is located in East Java but it will not take too long to reach the location. There are several options of transportation that travelers can take. But commonly, they will go to East Java by car.

It takes approximately 10 hours to go to Probolinggo, East Java from Yogyakarta via highways of Salatiga- Kertosono or Soker. Yogyakarta Tour Package  is never boring since travelers can still enjoy the beauty of Indonesia while spending some hours in the car. The high-quality car and professional drivers will make the tour convenient. Arriving at Probolinggo, tourists can take a good rest at the hotels around Bromo before leaving for the sunrise tour or complete outdoor in Semeru Bromo Tengger National Park.

Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Bali Tour Price

All itineraries on the packages are covered within one trip. Tourists can ask the travel agent to tailor the best schedule of tour in Yogyakarta. The tour can be extended to other regions such as Semarang and East Java for a more satisfying trip. Even, travelers can start Bromo and Bali tour from Yogyakarta. Bromo will be an amazing part of Yogyakarta Tour Package. However, that Bromo volcano tour should never be the closure. Travelers should never miss Ijen after Bromo outdoor trip. Ijen is located in Banyuwangi. It takes approximately 4 hours from Probolinggo to Banyuwangi. But that travel will worth the pleasurable experience that travelers dream of.

yogyakarta tour package

yogyakarta tour package

What does Ijen Crater Offer?

  • The Midnight tour of Blue Fire
  • The sunrise tour with the turquoise lake
  • High class landscape of beautiful scenery
  • Soft hiking experience with breathtaking atmosphere
  • Moral lesson after meeting the sulfur miners at the site

Yogyakarta Tour Package  will be a flawless trip for every heart. People can start in Yogyakarta city tour before ending the tour in Bali. We all know that Bali is always the stunning trip in Indonesia. Being the most wanted international tourist destination, Bali has various tour spots that are found nowhere else in the world. For instance, people can go to a traditional village in Trunyan or Panglipuran. The essence of Bali culture is strong in both villages. Tourists will never forget their experience in visiting Trunyan village with the unique human cemetary. In Panglipuran, people will trace back in time to see the gorgeous traditional village with the amazing houses and atmosphere. The village tour is also available in Yogyakarta Tour Package.

Get Your Yogyakarta Tour Seat Now!

Tourists can spend an amazing city tour in Yogykarta. After that, they will continue the pleasurable journey in Bromo. What can tourists get pleasure while in Bromo?

  1. The challenging sunrise midnight tour to the Bromo view point.
  2. Tourists will hop in the 4WD and reach the view point by climbing stairs.
  3. Sunrise in Bromo is a million dollar sunrise that people will treasure for the rest of their life.
  4. Going to one of the prettiest savana in the world around Bromo by 4WD cars.
  5. Riding horses and enjoy the serenity of green Teletubbies hills in the National Park.
  6. Culinary Tour with superb traditional cuisines.

Yogyakarta Tour Package is also the one that adventurers will love.

Bali is always admirable with the beaches, culture, and luxurious services. On one side, tourists will love the serene beauty of the nature in Bali and in the other side, Bali offers modern entertainments and nightlife as well. Tourists can get all of the fanciness with Yogyakarta Tour Package  with Bromo and Bali extension. The beauty of Java will be wrapped up wonderfully with Bali destinations. People can treasure the moment for the rest of their life. The royal life of Yogyakarta, the majestic Bromo and Ijen, and finally Bali will never fail to give travelers sweet memories. Contact Yogyakara tour package agent and book your seat right now.


Borobudur Tours and Travel  Services

Borobudur is still one of the most amazing temples in the world. The beauty of the architecture is irreplaceable. People will fall in love with the temple once they step on the first floor of the temple. Even in the modern era, such a masterpiece is quite impossible to create. People can enjoy the majestical look of a Buddhist temple while shopping for cheap souvenir around the area.

Borobudur Tours and Travel

Borobudur Tours and Travel

Borobudur Tours and Travel  offers a package of the outdoor tour. Borobudur tour package price is worth the beautiful spots. Borobudur and Prambanan tour  will be unforgettable. The tour will the most beautiful trip in Yogyakarta package.

Borobudur has been the world heritage of Buddhist temple for decades. It is one of the seven wonders that the world keeps admire. The beauty of Borobudur is not only in the physical appearance but also the stories and philosophy. The history of Borobudur is an essential part of Indonesian’s civilization. Besides, people also love the greatness of Borobudur making. Even, some myths inside the history make the story more admirable.

Borobudur area is the sacred place with the atmosphere of royal life. The area is close to the palace of Sultan. There are also museums around the temple. Besides, tourists can spend a fabulous day in the nearby traditional village. The traditional village will teach foreigners to live the way Javanese live. Even, the visitors can spend a night in the villager’s house. They can dine together and enjoy the culinary richness of the village. In addition to the Borobudur temple, travelers can pick Prambanan as one of the itineraries. Borobudur and Prambanan tour are included in the package so the tourist can enjoy their cultural tour within one trip. Prambanan is also spectacular. It has the dance performance and wonderful scenery where tourists can’t stop snapping pictures.

Borobudur Tour Package Price

Borobudur Tours and Travel  agent opens high-quality service through the online site. Besides, it is also an efficient service for foreign travelers who are first-timers. For most travelers, especially the international travelers, Indonesia is a notorious country with complicated traffic and transportation. The public transportation in Indonesia is not so comfortable for those who do not know the tricks. So, to use the service of an online travel agent is a brilliant idea.

Borobudur Tours and Travel

Borobudur Tours and Travel

The price depends on the itineraries and hotel rooms that they pick. The facilities will not be bad even though the tourists take the economical package. The travel agents will usually help the tourists to tailor the best tourist destinations with their budget.
They can communicate the types of hotel rooms that they want to enjoy and search for the best rate for that need. Besides, they can actually pick homestay or hostel in order to reduce the cost. There are various options that they can find in Yogyakarta. Besides, there are some spots that tourists might want to exclude to cut the price. They can also consult it with the travel agent.

For those who are traveling solo, Yogyakarta can be a wonderful destination. The people are friendly and most of them are helpful. So, travelers will rarely find difficulties in reaching tourist spots in Yogyakarta. Borobudur Tours and Travel  agency will even help people to simplify the itinerary to meet their interest. With the experienced travel agent, high quality packages will be tailored for the best satisfaction. Tourists do not have to worry about the services since reliable agents will collaborate with trusted traveling companies and facility providers to serve the best.

The Borobudur and Prambanan Tour Itinerary

Some tourists only want to reveal the cultural sides of Yogyakarta. There are ancient temples with the royal history. There are also some museums with Batik and other high-quality artworks in Yogyakarta. In addition, tourists will love to learn and watch the traditional dances. Meanwhile, Yogyakarta is also famous for its creativity and home industries. The tourist spots include the villages and factories. Besides, people can also visit the natural richness and outdoor tourist spots. The beaches of Yogyakarta are spectacular. And the visitors can go to the Merapi volcano to enjoy the

Though the title is Borobudur and Prambanan tour the itinerary covers various places. But the travelers can still arrange the best itinerary that fits their need. Borobudur Tours and Travel  company will make the itinerary as comfortable. First of all, tourists will be given various top options of Yogyakarta tours.

Borobudur Tours and Travel

Borobudur Tours and Travel

1. Classes and Workshops

There are classes and workshops that the tourists can enjoy. Travelers will love the Batik class and other cultural workshops. Some dancing courses are also available. If tourists want to try playing the traditional music, gamelan workshops can give them a great chance.

2. Cultural and Theme Tours

This will include the tours to some traditional villages, palaces, and other destinations. The Borobudur Tours and Travel  will be the biggest portion of this tour. People will be stunned with the amazing details of Borobudur temple. The genius art inside each relief and sculpture make the temple one of the most brilliant ones in the entire universe.

3. Day Trip

This tour will cover several popular destinations in the city center of Yogyakarta. Museums and palaces will be included.

4. Culinary Excursions

Yogyakarta is a one-stop region with high-class culinary. People can now enjoy royal cuisines and culinary products by dining in the royal restaurant. But the street foods are never disappointing. Yogyakarta is a famous place with legendary culinary. The rates for foods are affordable in Yogyakarta. Even in a big mall and shopping center, the foods are relatively cheap.

Borobudur Tours and Travel  Agent

Borobudur Tours and Travel  will give tourist satisfaction. The itineraries will be more than stunning. People can not only learn the core beauty of Javanese culture in the tour but also learn the deep philosophy at the same time. There are actually many other temples that tourists will love. But the stars will be Borobudur and Prambanan. It will be easy to fall in love with the people and atmosphere of Yogyakarta. The natural beauty is irresistible as well. Call  trusted online Borobudur Tours and Travel  agent right now and book a seat.

Yogyakarta Local Tours

Indonesia is famous for its genius artworks and performances. Internationally, Indonesia is well-known for the Batik fabric, fine arts, and of course the puppet show of Wayang. Those are the signature art of Indonesia that travelers will want to see and touch while spending a holiday in Indonesia. The most desirable destination to visit for that amazing thing is Yogyakarta. This unique region is the home of batik of all kinds and a superb Wayang performance. Tourists can go Yogyakarta local tours watching puppet show of Sonobudoyo and go to Kota Gede to meet the Batik industry in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is always interesting for the youthful spirit and universities. Besides, it is the place where the royal atmosphere of Keraton is still in the air. People can always join royal festivals celebrating particular events in some months. Even, the royal families’ weddings are still celebrated with the complicated traditions, which are so much precious both for the locals and for the country. It will be thus splendid to go for Yogyakarta local tours for the artistic ambiance.

Wayang of Sonobudoyo

Yogyakarta local tours

Yogyakarta local tours

Wayang is a precious heritage of Indonesia. Mainly, the stories of Wayang (the puppet show) were collected from the myth and stories of India. However, the genius ancestors of Java had made some changes and improvements through the stories. Some even did the enculturation in order to customize the stories with the culture of Javanese. Wayang is so admirable for the critical message and the philosophy inside each story. Today, there are many puppet masters or Dalang perform improvised stories to insert the latest trending issues in Indonesia inside the performance.

Sonobudoyo Museum is dedicated to Wayang conservation. Nevertheless, there are many other items in the museum that tourists can see. For instance, we can find some Buddha statues and a patterned wooden gate at the museum. The place also has the library where collection of old books telling the history of Wayang are available. Some of the books are in Dutch, which is really interesting.

The most exciting show in this place is the Wayang performance which always can be added to Yogyakarta city tour package. Visitors only need to spare some of their pocket money to enjoy this amazing cultural show. The performance is held almost every day. Mostly, wayang is performed at least six hours in the evening. Even, some titles have to be performed through the night. However, the two hours show in Sonobudoyo will be enough to entertain the visitors.

Kota Gede Batik Tour

Yogyakarta local tours

Yogyakarta local tours

Making a trip to Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta would never be perfect without shopping Batik. The beautiful art and technique of applying wax to generate a beautiful pattern in a piece of fabric. There are countless patterns of Batik with unlimited colors to admire. And all of those patterns have the meaning and message. That is the art and magic in Batik. Today, Batik is not only a piece of fabric worn for festive occasions, but it is also part of growing fashion trend that can be worn just at any time. For a formal event, Batik can give a more considerable charm for the people wearing it. Additionally, Batik looks special for sacred and important in a momentous event. Those who are representing Indonesia in the international events will feel proud to wear Batik.

As part of Yogyakarta tour itinerary, there are genuinely places in Yogyakarta and Java where tourists can learn and see the precious collections of Batik. Yet, in Kota Gede, the experience will be more fun. In Kota Gede, tourists can visit the local Batik artists that carefully craft the pattern one by one. Visitors can try making Batik and observe the entire processes for creating Batik. Besides, tourists can buy Batik with the most desirable quality in the place.

Today, designers explore more Batik as the primary material for garments and various fashion accessories. Additionally, Batik is popular because international celebrities start wearing it. So, it is a splendid idea to visit a place where Batik is produced. Right on the hands of the specialists, a plain fabric can look precious and be more striking.

Visiting Kota Gede and learn how to make Batik is totally an extraordinary experience. It will be amazing to appreciate senior artists do the crafting in detail. Batik making needs patience and high craftsmanship. The whole processes show that a piece of Batik is truly priceless. And to spend some hours in Kota Gede will be exciting.

Yogyakarta local tours offer fabulous heritage sites, museums, and cool places to visit. It has the fabulous Wayang Kulit Sonobudoyo (the Javanese Puppet Show Museum). Besides, the industry centers like Kota Gede are also amazing in terms of tourist facility. Any type of accommodation from artistic hotels to low budget homestays can be found easily in Kota Gede. Everything in Yogyakarta is made for royal and artistic concepts. Those who admire comfort and luxury in the simplest way, Yogyakarta is just the place.

Check some of tour packages that include some Yogyakarta local tours for your holiday plan.