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White Water Rafting Pekalen

I have read many outdoor tours in the world and Indonesia seems to get the best one. Some of the services are not satisfying based on traveler’s reviews. However, the beauty of Indonesia is pure. Even from the lack of the services, tourists can feel the differences between Indonesia outdoor tours and other countries’. Therefore, I started searching for some great spots for outdoor tours in Indonesia. Surprisingly, there are many ideas and unique activities that we can do in this very country. One of the unique activities is white water rafting Pekalen River.

white water rafting

white water rafting

Indonesia is so rich with natural landscapes. It has comfortable weather as well. Summer or dry season in Indonesia is not extremely hot. Meanwhile, the rainy season is not similar to the monsoon rainy season. Therefore, practically tourists can go at any time for getting pleasure in Indonesia outdoor tour. So, I was trying to make a plan in leaving for a compact package of an outdoor tour.

Searching for the best outdoor tour is a little hard in Indonesia. This is so because there will be too many options to take. The rates are relatively affordable compared to similar outdoor tour in Central Asian countries. In European countries, the rates will way higher. After looking for the information for some moments, I found a good place in Java. Java Island is popular for its exotic ethnic and natural richness. With the amazing landscape of beaches and volcanoes, Java will give tourists many chances to enjoy some outdooractivities.

I was not interested in beaches this time though. So, I searched for a tour that includes a soft trekking, a hiking experience, and something challenging with water sport. There are still many choices to do and the packages can include several other destinations. But, because I needed to go for less than three days, I concluded to take Pekalen River white water rafting adventures.

 White Water Tubing

White water rafting in songa

White water rafting in songa

White water tubing in Pekalen River is relatively new outdoor activity around Bromo volcano. It is an adventure that looks similar to rafting. Yet, this time we will go through the river stream with an old tire. For me, it was a little challenging because it would be my first time to do this kind of activity. Yet, it was more to challenging so I decided to pick this tour.

This Pekalen rafting is also popular as white water rafting Madakaripura because of the location. The river leads us to Madakaripura rainfall. There are many places for going rafting in Indonesia. The natural rivers and even irrigation river can be wonderful venues for rafting. However, there are not many that lead to a wonderful waterfall. So, this Pekalen and Madakaripura tour will be a superb tour.

After deciding to take this tour, I book a service that can give me an affordable rate. Fortunately, this travel agent is always ready to serve very minimum cost per person for this package. The tour package includes 2 days and 1-night service. So, it will be a compact tour at the lowest rate possible. For those who are living in Java or East Java, searching for the best rafting and tubing will be easy. They can easily hit white water rafting Pekalen and Bromo Pekalen will be the best option to take.

The journey to the place of white water rafting Pekalen takes 2 to 3 hours from Surabaya. We will travel from the hot city to a colder area on the higher altitude. The temperature is significantly different. Thus, it will be better if we are prepared with a good stamina. Going to an outdoor requires excellent body fitness so we can enjoy the activity better. Madakaripura water rafting is included in a medium rate for the hardship. However, we have to get ready for the stream.

After taking a rest for sometimes, we will reach the preparation hut. We will get prepared for the activity and a brief by the local guide over there. Honestly, we will not understand what the guide is talking about until we splash the paddle on the water. So, we need to listen to the safety standards and just go with the flow. The tour will take 2 hours and a half. The rafting and tubing adventure will usually relatively similar duration. That seems a long time if we sit nicely in a waiting room. But that was too short for me. Along the river bank, the atmosphere is cool and pretty.

The green color dominates the view. Besides, the water in the river is surprisingly clean. The stream creates white foam and bubbles that make the river more challenging. The tube that we are riding will meet a hard current several times in the journey but that will be no problem. One the guide kept protecting my tube along the adventure. Besides, the adventure will be full of laughter. Therefore, once or twice small accidents will not be embarrassing. After going through the river rafting or tubing, we can swim and play in the Madakaripura Waterfall. Even, I tried to pass the curtain waterfall and felt so much refreshed.

The rate is low for that amazing journey of rafting and tubing. We can consult the rate for a complete package. Most packages include lunch with special traditional foods. White water tubing in Pekalen, Songa, and Madakaripura was truly a real adventure for both beginners and experts. Whitewater rafting Pekalen is somethin that I never regretted. The package is offered at a reasonable rate. We will love the adventure and treasure the moments on the river stream.

You can book a tour package for a Year-End holiday from now on. In New Year, the venue will reach high season. This is so because the package is usually offered in one tour with Bromo Midnight tour. More crowds will go to Bromo during New Year. That is why it is better to book a package of Pekalen rafting before the high season.