Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: Gorgeous sunrise moment in Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Bromo: Sunrise
Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Bromo: Sunrise

Mount Bromo Ijen tour is not only recommended for youngsters but for all tourists of different ages.

People can invite their families to go to both locations. Even, senior travelers can get ready with their best physical conditions to conquer both locations.

The highlight of tours in Bromo and Ijen is the sunrise. The biggest and most beautiful sunrise of a life time will be shown on the view point of Bromo.

Tourists can find their true self while witnessing the cracking sky in the early morning. The low temperature is not a reason to skip this itinerary.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: The Eternal Blue Fire of Mount Ijen

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: Ijen Blue Fire
Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: Ijen Blue Fire

Indonesia is magical and full of surprises. In Mount Bromo Ijen tour, travelers will get amazed with the Milky Way trip in Bromo.

Meanwhile, in Ijen, world class natural wonder is ready to thrill people. Tourists will love to go trekking in the middle of the night in Ijen. This place is definitely a super trekking destination for its eternal Blue Fire.

The blue fire is a giant flame that occurs due to the burning sulfur gas. The phenomenon equals to the same natural wonder in Iceland.

This will give travelers excellent experience to treasure. What is so special is that people can enjoy the trip of Bromo Ijen in their Bali trip.

Bromo Ijen Crater tour from Bali will make a different impression. The trip to two volcanoes in Java will show people that luxurious is available in the outdoor locations.