Ijen Tour Package: the Best of East Java

In the past, people use books to explore many places in the world that can improve their knowledge and emotions. Today, people need to pack their back and courage to go to the best places they dream of. One of the most enchanting places will be Ijen Crater.

Ijen Tour Package: Tropical Forest
Ijen Tour Package: Tropical Forest

Taking Ijen tour package is one adventure teaching people the way the cope with their life. Covered with beautiful tropical forest, Ijen crater perches beautifully in the perfect location in which the majestic Blue Fire is waiting for the adventurers. People might find the mountain name just on the bottom of popular mountains in the world. However, the distinctive beauty of Ijen is more than just a magazine cover.

The mesmerizing electric Blue Fire is just one highlight in this trip. Streaming the mountain down to see the precious view of the tranquil yet toxic lake will give people a superb experience. Also, the sunrise will leave people in awe.

The various shades of the sunrise color will make people simply feel grateful of life. However, the notorious beauty of Ijen is something that people have to be very careful. The volcano shows a literal dangerous beauty of Mother Nature. The sulfur gas is one of several things that tourists have to anticipate.

Ijen Tour Package: Tips for Comfortable and Safe Trip

In order to make the trip comfortable, we have to avoid some things. Here are 8 things not to do while we are spending a trip in Ijen Crater:

1. Do Not Take Ijen Tour Package Without Planning

It is true that Ijen crater is not a dangerous volcano that requires quality mountaineers to climb. Yet, people have to be sure that they are healthy and fit to conquer the crater. People can expect much fun about this destination. Yet, they need to be physically prepared. The trekking route is not so hard but it is relatively challenging. Travelers who love nature as well as natural phenomena will love the destination. Don’t force yourself to climb up the crater if you feel like having a hard time in handling the sulfur smells. The weather uncertainty and the unpredictable nature conditions around the crater make the destination more admirable. But, never go there without any planning. First, do not underestimate the trekking difficulties. Finally, do not go without a proper plan since Ijen tour package requires more than courage.

2. The Patients of Asthma should Not Take Ijen Tour Package

For those who have a breathing condition such as lungs disease and asthma, this volcano is not a good idea. Some people with panic attack will find it hard to cope with the sulfur smells will also get trouble in reaching the viewpoint of the Blue Fire. The place is also risky for people with extremely sensitive eyes. The dust and gas can somehow go in the eyes and cause eyesore. Don’t try to get into the caldera if you feel like having a short breath due to the sulfur smells. There are oxygen tank rentals in the kick off area. However, you need to make sure that you are in a good condition before hiking.

3. Don’t Get Too Near to the Lake

Ijen Tour Package: Ijen Crater
Ijen Tour Package: Ijen Crater

People are visiting Ijen Crater for taking photos with the lake. The turquoise color is more than amazing. People can stand safely in front of the lines.

The color of the water will be a good background for photos. However, the lake is extremely dangerous. Everything will melt away as soon as it drops on the water. Even the smell is awful sometimes. So, never get too near to the water unless you will smell a bad acidic lake.

4. Don’t Go Trekking in Bad Weather for Ijen Blue Fire Tour

Weather forecast in Indonesia can never be certain. But if the authority says that the trekking route is too dangerous due to a heavy rain, you have to stay safe in your position. The trekking only takes approximately 3 hours to go up to reach the Blue Fire viewpoint and the lake. However, the short route will be still dangerous if the road is slippery. Besides, the rain water can drop on the sulfur chunk, creating a worse smell. The visibility can drop as well in heavy rain. Plus, trekker should leave in the middle of the night which is dark in the Ijen Blue Fire tour.

5. Don’t Disobey the Trekking Route

Some people might feel that it will be cool to find their own way. It usually happens in a challenging mount climbing session in Indonesia. The mount climbers occasionally want to get the luxury of climbing extreme routes so they go with different map. In Ijen Tour Package, that will be dangerous. The steep track looks scary with the dark down without any fences. There is no mark and the lighting is too low. The deep slopes without fences are all over the trekking routes. Therefore, people who are afraid of darkness and steep places should not join the tour. However, it will not be that risky if people follow the rules and procedures. The guides of Ijen tour package will make sure that the tourists can reach the destination safely.

6. Don’t Force Your Strength

Ijen Crater trip is not an expedition. So, take your time and don’t be too hurry. If you feel exhausted with the trekking, take a rest for 5-7 minutes. There is nothing to worry about in this trip, but make sure that your heart and lungs are fine.(also read this article : Banyuwangi Tour to Ijen: Ijen Volcano Profile and Preparation)

7. Don’t Ignore the Instructions

Ijen Tour Package: Danger sign
Ijen Tour Package: Danger sign

We often ignore the instructions of stewardess for a safety procedure. But in this trip, we need to follow the instructions so we don’t suffer from a serious problem during the trip.

8. Don’t be Too Arrogant

Be a responsible tourist is a must if we want to make a tour more valuable. Also, we need to respect the culture and nature at the same time when we take Ijen tour package. We need to make sure that we honor the nature by not being too arrogant when going through the trip. We have to respect other tourists and be patient during the midnight climbing.

People who love trekking and getting pleasure in the beauty of nature must leave for this trip at least once in a life time. For a better experience, tourists might want to include Bromo Ijen tour package within the tour and let the professional tour and travel agency arrange the package for them. Go search for the best one and enjoy your unforgettable volcano trip.