Hiking to Mount Ijen will be one of the best volcano tours you ever have. A number of wonderful natural phenomena are waiting for you up there. This is the time to search for Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour, which fits your preferences, dates, and budgets. The unique things of Ijen crater tour begin since the beginning.

You would mostly choose morning time for hiking to other mounts. However, the case is different with Ijen Mount. The best time to begin the tour to Ijen Crater is at midnight. Why? The wonderful natural phenomenon to see on Mount Ijen – namely, the Blue Fire – usually appears around 3:00 a.m. You need to ride from the accommodation to the starting point for hiking. The farther the accommodation is, the earlier you should wake up.

Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour: A Challenging but Wonderful Hike

It takes about 1,5 to 2 hours to hike to the top of Ijen. You will take some very steep steps to reach the crater. Is the hike challenging? The answer is yes. Fortunately, Ijen hike is a popular trip in East Java. There is a well-marked path, just preventing you from getting lost despite walking in the dark.

Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour
Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour

Unless yang can wake up in the middle of the night, you will be late to see the Blue Fire. The challenge begins here. Then, you will have to hike in the dark.

After reaching the top of Ijen, you will be exposed to toxic sulfur gas, as you get closer to the blue flames. As the hike is different from the others, you have to prepare some protective stuff to avoid harming your health.

Taking Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour will be one of the most epic adventures you have. The hard things you take are really worth it. You will see a natural wonder that can only be seen at two places in the world, namely in Iceland and at Ijen.

The blue flame is only visible in the darkness. Therefore, if you wake up late to begin the adventure, you will really lose the chance to see the natural wonder.

Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour: The Cost

Imagine the budgets, time, and energy you need to go to Iceland. It is going to be an extreme tour, since the route is more challenging. Therefore, Ijen crater blue fire tour is a less expensive way to see the natural phenomenon of Blue Fire. The tour cost is even lower if you have a group trip to Ijen. You can share the accommodation and transportation costs, which make up most of Ijen Blue Fire Tour.

Actually, the cost of Ijen crater tour depends much upon route of the trip. There are so many options of Ijen tour packages available. The starting point may vary widely, from Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bali, or many other cities in Indonesia. You do not need much money for the hike. You will need some money for the following items:

  • Entrance cost. The fees paid by local tourists and foreigners may be different.
  • A tour guide, if you choose to hire a guide
  • Extra costs for pro camera or handycam. If you have a phone camera with good pixels, you do not need to pay.
  • Food and drinks

Ijen crater tour is a cheap way of exploring the wonderful volcanic phenomenon in Indonesia. You will enjoy not only the Blue Fire, but also the stunning sunrise view. So, don’t be in hurry to hike down after seeing the blue fire. Make sure to enjoy the beautiful mountain views at the sunrise. While around the crater lake, you will probably see a number traditional sulfur miners who work manually to mine the sulfur. Is it a dangerous job? Of course yes, but many of them have been mining the sulfur for many years.

For a cheaper tour cost, you can combine Ijen crater tour with other tourism objects. Bromo hike is the most popular option. Have you imagined visiting two popular mounts in a single package? Bromo Ijen crater tour price is more interesting, as you can visit more places. This is a great choice if you have longer holiday.

Some Tips for Safe Ijen Crater Hike

As discussed above, Ijen crater hike is a dangerous adventure. You will have to deal with the cold night, steep and narrow routes, toxic sulfur gas, as well as extreme heat of the flame. Do you know the temperature at Ijen? It is freezing, of course. The temperature of 0-10 degrees is combined with super strong wind. So, make sure to prepare the following stuff before taking the midnight adventure of Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour:

Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour
Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour
  • Long trousers
  • A gas mask or filtration mask, or, a scarf to cover your nose and mouth
  • A jacket or multiple sweaters
  • Closed shoes (do not wear your favorite shoes, as they will probably get damaged when going thorough the sharp stones). Wearing hiking shoes is recommended.
  • A headlamp or flashlight to help you while hiking up and down Mount Ijen
  • Food and drinks
  • High-resolution camera

Are you ready to explore the rare natural phenomenon at Ijen? We are ready to help you. If this is the first time for you to take Ijen hike, going with a travel agent is the best way to avoid hassles.

Check out our Tour Package page to see the options of Ijen tour packages that fit your needs. We are experienced in dealing with Ijen tour for many years. Our staff will guide you along the way to make sure that you are not late to see the Blue Fire.

Do you need a tailor-made tour package? We are here to help you. Just tell us the starting point, the number of members in group, trip duration, the budgets, and the facilities you want. Then, our staff will provide some options for you. Along with Bromo tour, Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour is the most popular option for volcano or midnight tour. Do not miss it.