Yogyakarta Local Tours

Indonesia is famous for its genius artworks and performances. Internationally, Indonesia is well-known for the Batik fabric, fine arts, and of course the puppet show of Wayang. Those are the signature art of Indonesia that travelers will want to see and touch while spending a holiday in Indonesia. The most desirable destination to visit for that amazing thing is Yogyakarta. This unique region is the home of batik of all kinds and a superb Wayang performance. Tourists can go Yogyakarta local tours watching puppet show of Sonobudoyo and go to Kota Gede to meet the Batik industry in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is always interesting for the youthful spirit and universities. Besides, it is the place where the royal atmosphere of Keraton is still in the air. People can always join royal festivals celebrating particular events in some months. Even, the royal families’ weddings are still celebrated with the complicated traditions, which are so much precious both for the locals and for the country. It will be thus splendid to go for Yogyakarta local tours for the artistic ambiance.

Wayang of Sonobudoyo

Yogyakarta local tours

Yogyakarta local tours

Wayang is a precious heritage of Indonesia. Mainly, the stories of Wayang (the puppet show) were collected from the myth and stories of India. However, the genius ancestors of Java had made some changes and improvements through the stories. Some even did the enculturation in order to customize the stories with the culture of Javanese. Wayang is so admirable for the critical message and the philosophy inside each story. Today, there are many puppet masters or Dalang perform improvised stories to insert the latest trending issues in Indonesia inside the performance.

Sonobudoyo Museum is dedicated to Wayang conservation. Nevertheless, there are many other items in the museum that tourists can see. For instance, we can find some Buddha statues and a patterned wooden gate at the museum. The place also has the library where collection of old books telling the history of Wayang are available. Some of the books are in Dutch, which is really interesting.

The most exciting show in this place is the Wayang performance which always can be added to Yogyakarta city tour package. Visitors only need to spare some of their pocket money to enjoy this amazing cultural show. The performance is held almost every day. Mostly, wayang is performed at least six hours in the evening. Even, some titles have to be performed through the night. However, the two hours show in Sonobudoyo will be enough to entertain the visitors.

Kota Gede Batik Tour

Yogyakarta local tours

Yogyakarta local tours

Making a trip to Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta would never be perfect without shopping Batik. The beautiful art and technique of applying wax to generate a beautiful pattern in a piece of fabric. There are countless patterns of Batik with unlimited colors to admire. And all of those patterns have the meaning and message. That is the art and magic in Batik. Today, Batik is not only a piece of fabric worn for festive occasions, but it is also part of growing fashion trend that can be worn just at any time. For a formal event, Batik can give a more considerable charm for the people wearing it. Additionally, Batik looks special for sacred and important in a momentous event. Those who are representing Indonesia in the international events will feel proud to wear Batik.

As part of Yogyakarta tour itinerary, there are genuinely places in Yogyakarta and Java where tourists can learn and see the precious collections of Batik. Yet, in Kota Gede, the experience will be more fun. In Kota Gede, tourists can visit the local Batik artists that carefully craft the pattern one by one. Visitors can try making Batik and observe the entire processes for creating Batik. Besides, tourists can buy Batik with the most desirable quality in the place.

Today, designers explore more Batik as the primary material for garments and various fashion accessories. Additionally, Batik is popular because international celebrities start wearing it. So, it is a splendid idea to visit a place where Batik is produced. Right on the hands of the specialists, a plain fabric can look precious and be more striking.

Visiting Kota Gede and learn how to make Batik is totally an extraordinary experience. It will be amazing to appreciate senior artists do the crafting in detail. Batik making needs patience and high craftsmanship. The whole processes show that a piece of Batik is truly priceless. And to spend some hours in Kota Gede will be exciting.

Yogyakarta local tours offer fabulous heritage sites, museums, and cool places to visit. It has the fabulous Wayang Kulit Sonobudoyo (the Javanese Puppet Show Museum). Besides, the industry centers like Kota Gede are also amazing in terms of tourist facility. Any type of accommodation from artistic hotels to low budget homestays can be found easily in Kota Gede. Everything in Yogyakarta is made for royal and artistic concepts. Those who admire comfort and luxury in the simplest way, Yogyakarta is just the place.

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