Borobudur Sunrise from Puntuk Setumbu

From Yogyakarta to Bromo

From Yogyakarta to Bromo

If it is for an international tourist destination, Yogyakarta is always on the top list. Located nearby the central Java, Yogyakarta is always a great place for spending a short holiday. Even for the locals, Yogyakarta has the irreplaceable beauty. It is never a mainstream idea to take a tour from Yogyakarta to Bromo. Yogyakarta has a strong highlight of ancient temples, histories, royal life, and of course the art. There is no way to set the culture aside when we are visiting Yogyakarta. Even, the charming side of Yogyakarta is how the special region mixes the art, culture and their high respects of heritage.

There are now many new tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. There are a lot of places where joys are offered. The place is famous for its royalty atmosphere. And thus, there are several interesting places for enjoying royal culinary with the unique atmosphere. Besides, there are many new cafes offering comfortable mood that tourists will love to enjoy. However, the top rank for Yogyakarta tour stays similar. Here are some of the awesome highlights to get pleasure in Yogyakarta.

Sunrise Borobudur

From Yogyakarta to Bromo
From Yogyakarta to Bromo

It will never be overmuch to say that Borobudur is a site of the world’s wonder. UNESCO lists this Buddist Temple as one of the world heritage that should be visited. The vast area of Borobudur shows the magical temple is still functioned as a sacred place for a Buddist ritual. Besides, people will see how the temple is that wonderful through the relief and history that the temple tries to deliver.

Though some of the Budha’s heads and parts of Borobudur have been restored, the prettiness of this place is never fading. Even, there are still many controversies of how people from the Dynasty of Syailendra did the architecture. The absolute precision, the location, and the message in the temple assure the world that there was a large and glorious era of Budha worshipper in Indonesia in the past.

In Borobudur, everything looks spectacular. Tourists can go and climb up the temple at any hours. Nevertheless, it is the best to enjoy the sunrise in Borobudur. When the sky cracks and shows the bright red or orange colors, Borobudur will make the view so dramatic.

There are chances to experience awesome sunrise in Indonesia other than in Bromo. Yet, in Borobudur, the moment will give people a feeling of traveling back to the past. At the same era when Borobudur was just a new icon of a kingdom, the sunrise would be unequivocally the same. Thus, it will be classy to enjoy the sunrise in that magnificent heritage site.

Sunrise from Puntuk Setumbu

And if travelers want to experience another side of Borobudur tour, Puntuk Setumbu is the most splendid idea. This is the best spot where tourists can see the panoramic view of Merapi Merbabu volcano. The sunrise with the background of volcanoes will be more than stunning. Besides, at the same place, Borobudur looks amazingly spectacular. In the morning, the sun rises slowly, the beautiful landscape shows Borobudur in the middle of clouds. The exotic atmosphere of sunrise above Borobudur is always unique for all travelers. It is thus an impressive place for a photography session. It is magical to see Borobudur from the hill.

Borobudur and the Site


To visit Borobudur is never a common idea. Tourists can simply climb up the temple or just visit the museum. After that, Borobudur offers shopping places. The temple has an enormous area of the parking lot, park, and of course a market. The market has many shops offering souvenirs. Consequently, it will be effortless for visitors to get some cute and cheap souvenirs while strolling around Borobudur. The products are amazingly attractive. From the smallest product of key chains and clothes are all available. We can also get some statue and other home decors at the market.

Borobudur is a vast site around Yogyakarta, though it is located in Magelang, a city of Central Java. The popularity of Borobudur makes it hard for people to skip it in a short tour in Yogyakarta. That makes it easy for tourists to appreciate the place. In the surrounding areas of Borobudur, there are other destinations to visit. For instance, the traditional village of Candirejo offers the amazement of humble and traditional way of life that travelers will love to learn.

Yogyakarta tour and its Borobudur will leave a tremendous impression to every tourist. Puntuk Setumbu is also a great alternative for an amazing panoramic view. Those who are searching for an extraordinary experience of visiting Yogyakarta and Borobudur can go to the Menoreh Mountain and climb up the Puntuk Setumbu for that gorgeous experience.