Yogyakarta Bromo Kalibaru Sukamade Ijen Tour 7 day 6 Night

Yogyakarta Bromo Kalibaru Sukamade Ijen .Experiencing an ancient royal kingdom with its graceful culture and architecture in Yogyakarta is something that is soul-nourishing. This destination has a beautiful royal life and the high culture that is wrapped in art. It is a simply amazing spot that can leave you in enchantment.


Meanwhile, Bromo is the most enchanting stress reliever. Totally different amazements are offered in Bromo. We will love the fuming peak viewpoint of Bromo where Kasodo ceremony is held. Bromo has breathtaking scenery that can make us forget the hardship of office tasks.

The majestic Bromo with the priceless culture and sacred life of tenggerese will surely give you unforgettable holiday. With our package of Yogyakarta, Bromo, Kalibaru, and Ijen tour (6 Days 5 Nights) you will come to visit Bromo in the right moment if you are lucky enough. You will never regret joining the Tenggerese to deliver their gratitude and prayer in a beautiful Kasodo ceremony.


After that, Kalibaru plantation and garden area will bring you contented feeling. It is a natural coffee and cocoa garden that are cultivated naturally. The traditional life of Kalibaru, its ancient railway, the fragrant of its beautiful landscape will all charm you with peace. And you will never regret the beauty of Ijen crater; the symbol of exceptional prettiness of Banyuwangi. A one package challenging tour with rich culture, natural wonders, and landscape enchantment is offered in this tour.