Pekalen River Rafting: One Package of Outdoor Tour

pekalen river rafting

Pekalen River Rafting


It will be so much rewarding if we can visit two or more tourist destinations within one trip. Bromo tour can give us that brilliant chance. It provides wonderful experience with the sunrise tour with a superb view. Besides, it is awesome that this tour package will add extended service to Pekalen River rafting adventure. The package can start with the rafting before the sunrise tour. It will take only 2 days and 1 night. And the surprising thing is that we can actually get three natural beauties at the same time. Going rafting in Bromo is something special because we will end the journey in a natural rainfall. The splash of the water will surely give us the joy instantly.


Bromo Tour and Pekalen Rafting (Songa Rafting)


Before anything else, let’s check whether this is the place that we are searching for. Whether we have known about the place or not, we need to make sure that we can have fun over there. Pekalen River is located one hour from Bromo area. The river offers Songa Rafting that is popular among adventure lovers. Basically, this river is an irrigation property. But this is Indonesia. Everything can be beautiful in this paradise country.


We will be surprised to know that the irrigation property turns out to be that stunning. In only a few years, this venue becomes one of the most visited tourist destination in Probolinggo. Rafting feels more dramatic in this venue.


It takes 12 km to go through the rafting track. The stream is mild though there are at least 30 main currents. The journey will last for 2 and a half hour. Even, with a slower speed, it will take 3 hours. Will that be a boring rafting with that long duration? Well, for most travelers, this will be an experience of a lifetime. It will leave a deep impact not only physically but also mentally. It is surely a challenging tour for a great value.


Tour Package: Bromo Songa Rafting


At first, we might feel that the volcano tour will be a common, tiring travel type that is hard to go through. Many vacation portals often place volcano tour in the outdoor activity for hikers. But this will be different. We do not have to bring a big carrier bag to go the destinations. It is a short tour with unending enjoyment. The tour that includes Rafting in Bromo near Madakaripura is a good choice for all kinds of travelers. The venue is nice for a corporate tour. I mean, people can show their courage and strength in this venue though they might be slow in some presentations in their companies. Besides, a boss and employees will shout out loud together. That will be awesome.

The tour package takes 2 days and 1 night. Solo travelers can join the open trip. Meanwhile, the group tourists can book a quote for a more affordable rate. The rates depend on the services and additional destinations. However, it will not be more than 150 USD per person. Normally, the rate is around 100 or less for each person.


It will be beneficial to book a quote. We all know that rafting is a fun water sport. Besides physical refreshment, we will obtain some other benefits though. It will change out mentality. We will be more courageous once we finished the track. We will increase our adrenaline and get a new start for daily routine. White water rafting located not far from Madakalipura is a good escape for a stressful routine. The testimonies are positive for this rafting service.


Some tourists found it too slow because of their expertise in rafting sport. However, when it is for beginners, the stream is challenging enough. Additionally, rafting will be fun since they do not have to struggle too much with the extreme current. Eventually, the scenery in Madakalipura is breathtaking. That will make the tour closed perfectly. The short trekking to the water fall in Madakalipura will be a precious experience for our Bromo tour.


Rafting is not an individual sport. It is a team sport. Therefore, it will sharpen our social skill. It feels different when we have to survive with a group of people. It can even reveal a real personality of someone; in case we want to check someone’s sincerity in treating us. In addition, this Pekalen rafting tour will give a better cooperation lesson for a group of tourist. This includes trust and loyalty as well. Rafting in Songa can be our alterative  2018 outdoor tour as well.


Rafting In Bromo


It will be as easy as making a phone call to book a tour package of Rafting in Bromo and Madakaripura. Even, today we can contact the trusted service via WhatsApp and get everything done in a minute. The team will pick up us at the airport. After that, they will drive us to the site of White water rafting Madakalipura. We should go through the short survival lesson right on the spot. The rate that we pay includes the guide and safety team for this package.


The scenery is no joke around Bromo Volcano. The smoking volcano looks extraordinarily breathtaking as the sun creates a tangerine ambiance in the blue sky. That will be a sweet closure of the entire tour of Bromo rafting.


There are many reviews that we can get through the tourism portal online. For this tour, the reviews are positive. The rate of this rafting is medium. So, beginners can try it for fun. The track is medium as well. Though it takes some hours, the journey will last because of the pretty view. The water temperature can be cold in some seasons. However, Indonesia has a full year sun that makes the tour pleasant. Besides, it has a good spot of Madakalipura view. Tourists will need to spend some times trekking to reach the waterfall. That will even add the experience of this tour.


In conclusion, this Bromo and Pekalen is a Tour Package for everyone who admires trekking, rafting, and hiking. It includes all outdoor activities around a volcano.