Mount Bromo Ijen Tour

Some tourists just lost of words when visiting Mount Bromo, East Java. Each of them would most possibly have a different impression on what the word exotic really mean to them.

Some of the tourists love the exceptional landscape on all sides of this volcano. Some others mention about the breeze and atmosphere in this very place.

Meanwhile, many tourists also like to come just to meet the people and feel the sacred ambiance of Tengger Kasada.

It is also wonderful to take Mount Bromo Ijen tour and track up to the volcanoes with some friends just for some refreshment.


“In a simple word, Mount Bromo is just as exotic as always no matter from which point you view it.”


For who has never come and see it exoticism before, it will be rewarding to challenge yourself to conquer and have hassle-free life in Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen.


Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: Starting the Tour from Malang

In Malang, countless tourist destinations are offered. There are some places recognized for its beauty and cleanliness. However, some others are neglected tourist destinations that are not recommended for local tourists and international travelers.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: Batu Bengkung
Mount Bromo Ijen Tour: Batu Bengkung

In South of Malang, there are now many great beaches worth to visit.

Besides, some wonderful villages will also give tourists new experience in spending their holiday in Java.

After all of those destinations, travelers can go to Bromo within less than 3 hours.

Of all tourist destinations around Malang, Mt. Bromo tour is one of the best. Mount Bromo Ijen tour will be more than unforgettable.

Local tour agent offered various packages that include tour activities in Malang and Mount Bromo.

For tourists who do not have much time for Mount Bromo, Mount Bromo sunrise tour from Malang is a good choice.

It allows tourists to stay up all night to wait for the golden sunrise. The tour is offered at afforadble rate. The midnight tour starts from Surabaya is much less of the same rate.

Mount Bromo was named after Brahma, one of the highest Gods in Hindu. This volcano is in active status.

Therefore, there are times when this tourist destination is closed for public due to its improving dangerous level. However, the prettiness of this volcano is always irresistible.

Travelers from all over the world and local tourists gather every single night to take a precious pleasure in watching the sunrise. Mount Bromo also has a strong myth and legend behind its majestic appearance.


Mount Bromo Ijen Tour with Ijen Blue Flame Tour and Possible Additional Activities

The tour is one of the most recommended activities, especially for foreign travelers who love to witness a rare natural phenomenon.

The route for Mt. Ijen tour is quite easy if accessed from Mount Bromo. After enjoying the exotic view in Mount Bromo, tourists can leave for another magnificent volcano in Bondowoso, East Java.


mount bromo ijen tour
Mount Bromo Ijen Tour

Ijen volcanoes have various special features to enjoy. The acidic lake with turquoise water is one of them. Besides, the sunrise in Ijen is also spectacular.

After that, tourists can visit other tourist attractions around Bondowoso and Banyuwangi. One of the most stunning places is Kalibaru.

It is a village with a vast area of plantation. The atmosphere is majestic and tourists can enjoy cocoa and coffee plantations which hold the traces Dutch colonialism.

You will feel how tour Bromo Ijen Banyuwangi is such a perfect gateway to a nature of tropical atmosphere in Java.

The exotic Mount Bromo will not be enough when travelers visit Java Island for the natural prettiness.

There are still many other destinations like Sukamade Beach. It is not only a virgin beach but also the home of natural sea turtles.

The simplest tour package can include Mount Bromo Ijen tour, but it is always possible to extend the activities and add Sukamade turtle tour in the list.

Mount Bromo Ijen tour rates can be checked directly from the online site. It is surely recommended to book a tour from a reliable tour and travel agent.

The professional and reliable service could be easily judged from the site. Website design and content can speak for itself how the company will serve tourists with the best package.

The customer services will help travelers to discuss the itinerary based on the main interest of the clients.

It serves the most comfortable transportation and experienced drivers who know how to reach the destinations safely and conveniently.

To enjoy a flawless tour, travelers need to feel comfortable from the picking up process to the small detail such as meal time.

Only a professional tour and travel company knows how to deal with all of the services perfectly.

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