Mount Bromo Hiking Tour Why Is It Worth Your Holiday

Mount Bromo Hiking Tour Why Is It Worth Your Holiday

Do You Know Mount Bromo Hiking Tour Why Is It Worth Your Holiday?

Mount Bromo hiking tour. A whole package of a tour in Indonesia can be enjoyed. Many people want to visit Indonesia for the natural wonder. It will be easy to do it in Mount Bromo hiking tour. Mount Bromo hiking tour there are various places to visit with the package. From the mountain, caldera, and savanna, Bromo has all the world class view to get pleasure in. In addition, Bromo is also exciting due to the location.

In a Bromo tour, travelers can visit some other locations around Malang and Batu. In Malang, beaches and water fall are available. In Batu, travelers can go to waterfall, villages, and amusement park. Besides, zoo and agro tourism spots are also offered in Batu. Besides, Bromo Tour is also beautiful with its sunrise tour. The amazing sun rise through several View Points in Bromo is priceless.

Bromo ijen Tour Package

Bromo ijen tour is a brilliant package for those who want to enjoy the essence of Indonesia tourism. After visiting Bromo and enjoy the sunrise in the View Points, tourists can start their journey in the sea f sand caldera. Besides, the green hills of Bromo savanna will make tourists feel the atmosphere of a tropical area with the breathtaking landscape.

The stunning tour includes rafting if tourists have sufficient time. In addition, it is also great to visit Semeru in the same national park.

In Bromo Tengger Semeru National Pak, visitors can take the trekking tour to Semeru for fun. Semeru is the highest mountain in Java. It has a wonderful view and forest as well. In addition, there is a pretty lake to visit while taking the tour. Therefore, for those who love hiking can challenge them to join this trekking package.

If tourists do not want to go up to the summit of Semeru, they can just spend some time to get pleasure next to the lake of Ranu Kumbolo. They can set a camp around the area.

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Bromo Tour Package

Mount Bromo Hiking Tour Why Is It Worth Your Holiday

Bromo tour package has all that international tourists expect to enjoy in Indonesia. The atmosphere is nice and the price is cheap as well. The cheapest rate is for Bromo sunrise tour. It is offered from 60 USD per person. The tour only lasts for 12 hours. However, the prettiness of the sunrise will be a memory of a life time. The tour can start from Surabaya or Malang.

Bromo Trips Start Malang

Tourists might want to enjoy Malang beaches before leaving for Bromo. Malang has some newly-opened beaches. South Malang offers several virgin beaches tours that are all affordable. The entrance tickets are very cheap. The road is comfortable as well. The beaches are amazingly beautiful. Tourists will not regret visiting the beaches.

Malang’s local cuisines are fantastic as well. From the sate to the salad with peanut sauce dressing (pecel) are all tasty and cheap. After that, tourism can book a package of Bromo Tour and conquer the View Point for the stunning sunrise that they dream of.

Bromo ijen to Ijen Public Transport

Bromo is a spectacular volcano with amazing beauty. It is also popular for Tengger culture and myth at the same time. However, travelers might want to enjoy other volcano tours in East Java. Ijen will be that stunning volcano to visit. It is easy to visit Ijen from Bromo. First of all, travelers can go to the nearest bus station around Pasuruan or Malang. There are many buses that tracks go to Bondowoso. From the dropping point in the bus station, they can take 4 WD cars to go to Ijen Paltuding.

Travelers can also take a train. However, the cost will be higher when travelers take a public transportation. It will be more flexible for their itinerary but it is more convenient to take a tour package. The service will give tourists good time to take a rest on the way to Ijen.

Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour and Package

This tour starts from Surabaya. It is offered from 60 USD for the midnight tour. If the tourists want to extend the tour to Ijen, it costs only 100 USD. The tour package is for 2 Days 1 Night. It is a cheap tour with a world class view that travelers will remember. Book the package right now!