Mount Bromo Hiking Tour for an Unforgettable Honeymoon

Mount Bromo Hiking Tour for an Unforgettable Honeymoon

Do you know the information about Mount Bromo Hiking Tour for an Unforgettable Honeymoon? See explanation of information about Mount Bromo Hiking Tour for an Unforgettable Honeymoon. What do you about hiking tour for a honeymoon? Is that possible? Well, it will not be a totally romantic honeymoon with the heart-shaped roses on the bed but it will be the unforgettable one. Going on a honeymoon is something that couples should treasure for it will be a trip when they learn about each other more honestly.

That is why a hiking tour will be a good idea. For a honeymoon or other couple’s trip, Mount Bromo Hiking Tour for an Unforgettable Honeymoon will be a good journey to share love and laughter. The couples will be able to express their way of thinking through the hiking tour. For the comfort and beauty of the journey, Mount Bromo hiking tour is the right decision to take.

Bromo Trips Start Malang

Mount Bromo Tour is not only wonderful for a group tourist and solo travelers; it is also amazing to go on this trip with the one that we love. The trip can be started from anywhere around Surabaya or Malang. Tourists will be picked up in the desired locations.

It will be comfortable to meet the drivers from the train station, bus station, or hotels. The drivers will be pleased to also pick up the tourists from the airports. The journey has various packages.

Therefore, the itineraries will depend on the package. If it is only for a sunrise tour, the tourists will enjoy only the sunrise catching moments. The tour is offered from as low as 60 USD. For people who want to add some other things to the itinerary, Bromo tour package of midnight tour will be more comfortable.

This includes other tours to some attractions such as the sea of sand, Pananjakan, and some others. The price is only slightly different to the sunrise tour. It is offered from 100 USD per person.

Malang is the nearest point to reach Bromo. Therefore, it will be so much comfortable to start the journey from this town. Before leaving for Bromo, travelers can try many tourist destinations around Malang. The weather is pleasant and the people are kind too. It will be great to take a chance to do a city tour before going hiking to Bromo.

If it is for a honeymoon, people should make it longer. Bromo ijen tour package will be the best bet. Couples will love to spend their moments in the majestic Bromo with its smoking crater.

When sunrise time comes, they can stare the blue sky above the volcano and get stunned with the giant sun in bright orange color. The bright thin orange light on the horizon will soon be a super big yellow sun. That was awesome to experience that wonderful moment live from the volcano View Point. After all the luxury passes, it is time for the tourists to conquer another beautiful volcano of Ijen.

Bromoijen to Ijen Public Transport


Some travelers complain about being uncomfortable in a small van. Therefore, it will be more recommended to use trains or bus for reaching Ijen from Bromo. Tourists can take both train and bus from Malang. They can reach the destination for at least 7 hours. However, it will take longer duration if the traffic does not go smoothly.

The best idea to reduce the problem is to take a tour and travel agent with a good transportation service. We can actually find one through a professional travel agent. High quality transportation services offer a mini bus with professional driver.

It will not be as small as a minivan. Besides, it will be comfortable to sleep on the way because the drivers are experienced.

Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour and Package

Those who want to taste the romance while doing hiking and trekking will surely love to enjoy the package of Bromo and Ijen tour. In Bromo, people can enjoy the romantic view of volcanoes and sunrise. Besides, its caldera also offers different atmosphere of romance. Meanwhile, in Ijen, a peaceful view and more serene ambiance are offered.

In Ijen, couples will be able to join a blue fire hunting tour. The sky will look so bright with the blue fire from the acidic sulfur crater. The view is simply priceless. In a more complete package, tourists can go to Kalibaru village or Sukamade beach nearby the mountain.

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