Ijen Volcano Tour Experiences

There are times that people want to search for the different tour to enjoy with their families. To go to a commercial beach with luxurious facilities will be too ordinary. People will love the atmosphere of a fun beach. Yet, there are other natural beautiful and outdoor tour destinations that families need to taste.

Ijen Volcano Tour
Ijen Volcano Tour

Ijen Volcano Tour experience can bring more than joyous holidays. Trip Ijen Baluran will make it perfect. Surabaya Bromo Ijen tour package is recommended for solo travelers and families. People have to change the before going to a special vacation like Ijen Volcano Tour. Here is why?


First of all, people might think that to go to a volcano is a dangerous idea. In Indonesia, people are living in the biggest ring fire in the world. There are many regions are built in the areas with volcanoes. But then, the situations are peaceful and safe. The areas of volcanoes in Indonesia are fertile and so much pleasure. The air is fresh, and people can see the gorgeous scenery in the venues. Ijen volcano tour is also a good idea because it is not an ordinary volcano. The hiking track is not so challenging. Therefore, it will be a good destination for a family with kids. In addition, people can use the venues for a corporate tour. The Ijen trip will also give a different experience since people can learn the daily life of the locals while enjoying the sceneries.

Trip Ijen Baluran and Menjangan 

Ijen alone provides the most drop-dead gorgeous natural views for all visitors. People will find it hard to forget the Blue Fire with the majestic power. Besides, the soft trekking experience to reach the Ijen Crater and the turquoise lake will be another unforgettable moment in the tour package. After that, tourists can continue their tour to Baluran. The place is irresistible for the wildlife animals and forest. The beauty of tropical forest is always that charming. Visitors can feel the real forest with wonderful animals and birds at Baluran. The trekking will be different from an ordinary visit to a zoo. Kids will love to see how the animals live freely. Besides, there are various kinds of trees and other exotic plants species at the place.


Right after that, tourists can head to Menjangan Island. The tour can be tailored with a special schedule for the tourists’ comfort. So, they can actually ask the travel agent to arrange Menjangan Island before or after Ijen Crater tour. In Menjangan Island, tourists will get relaxed. So, it is recommended that this will be the last tour. Tourists need more energy in hiking to Ijen Crater and Trekking in Baluran. So, on this tour, people can simply enjoy the boating and snorkeling. Menjangan Island is popular for the superb beauty of its underwater garden. The beautiful fish and other sea animals around the island will make the tour simply flawless.

Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour Package

But the most enchanting icon of the tour is the sulfur mine. Tourists all love to meet the locals. Some tours even give tourists opportunities to visit rice fields or a traditional village to see the real life of the locals. In Ijen Crater tour, tourists will see more than that. The real traditional sulfur chunk miners will be going back and forth to the location of mine with their humble tools.

Ijen Volcano Tour
Ijen Volcano Tour

Learning from the real-life situation at Ijen Crater tour will be a great idea for a family or a corporate tour. Kids will learn to fight in this life. The humble miners will bring loads of almost 100 kilos sulfur chunk on their bamboo baskets. The workers ignore their health and unhealthy respiration to make a living. That will surely give inspirations for corporate workers to work even harder. The atmosphere is also refreshing, so the visitors will be able to renew their ideas and spirit to work harder after coming back from the holiday.

Families do not have to worry about the safety since the outdoor Ijen volcano Tour is for visitors. Corporate tours will be more meaningful to do at the famous volcano. To get the most satisfying results, families and corporations can book a package right from the online tour and travel agents. Java Travelline will be ready to serve for the best schedules with a perfect service.

Ijen Volcano Tour Package

The tour can start from Surabaya or Bali. People who want to extend their holiday from Bali tour can simply ask the travel agency to pick them up from their position in Bali or Banyuwangi. The tour package includes a pickup in the desired destination. Tourists can use a flight from Bali to Surabaya to get this amazing tour started. The tour guide of Ijen tour will pick the tourists from the airport and serve the best transportation to reach Ijen. The tourists can also use the ferry boat from Gilimanuk to Ketapang. Those who start the journey from their home country can use a flight directly to Surabaya. The tourists can choose whether they want to take a rest at the hotel around Surabaya or head to Banyuwangi directly. The tour guide and travel agency team will always be ready to serve.


The Ijen Volcano Tour also includes the transportation and hotel rooms. However, meals are not included, except for breakfast. The rates will include the entrance tickets and gasoline. The driver’s fee is included as well. The tour will be comfortable since the tour guide has a sound knowledge in the nature’s condition and related-history. The most comfortable service will be in the hotel or resort reservation. The tour and travel agency know that booking trouble can ruin the entire schedule and plans of a tour package. Tourists need to make sure that they consult their criteria to the customer service. Ijen volcano tour offers special resorts with natural landscape as the room’s view. Tourists will feel like going back to nature by taking the package. Call the professional tour and travel agency for an easy reservation.